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Adam's Page

Hey, What's Up?

Hope you are having a kewl spring! I sure am!

My name is Adam, I live in a small town called Davidson in North Carolina. I am 6'0" and 15 years old, with brown eyes and brown hair. I go to school at North Mecklemburg High School. I am a freshman this year.

I am having a fun fall, and spending a lot of time with my three best friends, Chad S, Heather M, and Heather K. You can visit Heather's homepage through my link page. I also enjoy talking on the phone to Heather K.

Anyone who is goes to North Meck this year, my email address is below. I will play most any sport, but my favorites are soccer and tennis. I play soccer at an compeditive level, but I don't play for the school. I also lovee swimming during the summer ( I cant wait!)

I have two brothers in college, their names are Allen and Ryan (you can visit Ryan's page through my link page). They go to Covenent College and East Carolina University, respectivly. I have one pet, a pet cat named Tiger. I also like dogs.

If you want to email me, with sugestions, wisecracks, ect, you may email me through the email at the bottom of the page. Also feel free to visit my links pages. While your here please sign my guestbook!

Thanx, and surf back soon!

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