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Poppy Z Brite

The Beautiful Face of a Miraculous Mind....

This is my small tribute to my favourite of all favourite authors... Poppy Z Brite.
I know that this will not do her brilliant writing justice, but let me just say this..........

If reading a tiny paragraph of her prologue in Lost Souls leaves you gripped and addicted, then you have GOT to read her books! [NOTE: Please go to Poppy Z. Brite's Official Website (see link below) or use a search engine to find the prologue (titled "A Taste of Altars") - I have been forced to remove the link that was previously here due to copyright threats from Ms Brite's agent.]

I have read "Lost Souls", "Drawing Blood", "Swamp Foetus" ("Wormwood" in the US), "Exquisite Corpse" and "Self Made Man" ("Are you Loathsome Tonight?" in the US)... and I love her work so much, that I went out and bought all of these in about a year (which is a lot of books for me!! I have just bought "The Lazarus Heart" but haven't read it yet (am a bit busy at the moment, but I will soon!), and I'm hoping to get "Plastic Jesus" when it comes out in the UK... so watch this space!

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