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Well, I finally made it to my own page on the web. I wasn't sure what area to start, so, I decided here would be as good a place as any. I was born in St. Johns Wood in London, England, and have spent all my childhood growing up in and around Leicester square, Piccadily Circus, Cricklewood and Wilesden Green. I lived for some time in Milton Keynes (about 50 miles north of London). This is where all my real friends and family are now living. I, on the other hand, have moved again. I now live in North Carolina, USA. To me it is like going back in time into the past. It is all countryside here with loads of wooded areas. The locals are among the friendliest people I have ever met in my life. I do not see my neighbours from one week to another. Being from a city I thought it would drive me crazy, but, I am really enjoying my nice new quiet life of piece and quiet and tranquility.

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Here are some friends homepages

DANTOR-"Chris and Nic-My friends from England" Chris is an old friend of mine (We met back in 1973). We share a lot of common interests. He likes the MAN BAND from Wales and has a section in his home page about them. Nic is one of the first CAROLINA PANTHER fans I have seen in England. He proudly wears and displays their colours wherever he goes. He also has some wonderful links.

RAGDOLLS Now here is a wonderful link. If you like Aerosmith, here is the site to visit. It may take a while to download but is well worth it. Great pics and soundwaves. Here is the new wav site with assorted music.

MELISSA Has a wonderful page, worth visiting, but do not miss her Sexual Harrassment page or her A**hole of the month page...

Chris McGilton-My Competitor This guy works for the same department as me but he only comes out at night. (Vampire by night and Choir singer by day)

PAUL-What were we talking about? frogs and toads! Paul has worked for IBM for 17 years in New York state. He now lives in North Carolina and works for MCI. I have known him (and worked with him) for just over 18 months now......I NEED A BREAK.

Mariea- She is a hair dresser way up there in Nova Scotia. She has worked hard on this site, Check it out for yourself

EVA- I am trying to think of something to say here. EVA and MARIEA are good friends. They also have something very special in common, They know me. Hehehe

Angie- ENTREPRENEUR Everytime I manage to contact her she is on her way out the door to another exhibition.

ERIK--If you want to see some neat graphics come in here. Definately a page worth visiting.

Gwenyfar's Torture Chamber. Here is a great homepage to see. Thanks for all the advise for my homepage.

Alexandrea's forest home

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