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Sheryl's Family Roots

Geneology of the  Schell, Hall,Smith,Ragsdale,Clanton,Whitman, and Dowlen lineage
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Welcome to My home page on the Family's of: Dowlen, Ragsdale, Whitman, Schell, Smith, Clanton, and Hall. My wish is for you to find a connection. My Mother, Cleta June Smith (Whitman), has always taught me to give. So, I am giving you what I have on my family lineage. You must know I did not start this Web page on my own. I have a good Christian friend who got me started. Her name is Sammie. Thank You Sammie This page would have taken me many more hours to figure out without Sammie's Help. Feel free to browse and print out anything you might need. Also, if there is anything you might want to add simply email the information. I will post it as soon as possible. Good Luck on your search and God Bless You for visiting my sight. Sign: Sheryl

Please take the time to read this next section. The following story involves this lineage: The Whitman's: This family is very dear to me. Please remember to say a special prayer for them.

Deborah Gail Whitman, better known as Sugie,was born Aug 26,1964. She is a cousin of mine. She has two brothers Chris & Mark. Her mother is Betty Jo Harris, better known as Jody. Her Father is Dowlen Ferris Whitman, better known as Bud. Deborah married Don on Oct 20,1984. They had three children in this union:(1)Garrett Michael DeForge, (2)Nicole Marie DeForge and (3)Natalie Dawn DeForge; all three children are special. If you would, please read Deborah Gail's story about Garrett; you will see Garrett's mother's heart.

1)Garrett Michael DeForge was born 3-18-1985. Garrett was a sweet boy. It's a shame that his life had to be cut so short. Two months after he turned 3 years old, he was diagnosed with leukemia. He battled it for 2 years, in and out of remission. A bone marrow transplant was his only hope of survival. January 1990, he under went a bone marrow transplant. He stayed in the hospital for 3 months. Just 3 days before he was to come home, we were told that the transplant didn't work. The leukemia had returned. It was devastating. He came home just as planned in early April. We did all that we could for him. We tried to make those last weeks comfortable and fun. It all came to an end on May 21, 1990. Garrett will always be remembered. There isn't a week that goes by when we don't think about him. written by:Garrett's Mom


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