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Provenance and technology of Early Bronze pottery from Abu Thawwab, Jordan



Nizar Abu-Jaber,Ziad al Saa'd and Raeda Quraan



The technical capability of ancient potters is an important parameter in assessing technological achievements and advances of ancient civilizations through time.  Previous studies (al Saa’d et al, 1997) have examined late Neolithic pottery from Wadi Shueib, Jordan.  This paper examines technical aspects of Early Bronze I (EBI: 3200-3000 BC) pottery found in Central Jordan. Results of geological mapping coupled with petrographic analysis indicate that the manufacture of these objects was local.  The firing conditions were examined using mineralogical analyses and refiring tests as well as macroscopic examination.  The results indiacte that the firing temperatures ranged from 600-700oC.  The firing atmosphere ranged from oxidizing to partially oxidizing, which suggests open pit firing.