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These are some of the dogs off our yard Steal Heart Kennels ADBA Kennel of the year 2007

Issel's "CH"Red Rainbow

aka SHK's "CH" Skeeter

Owner Steal Heart Kennels

SHK's"Gr CH XVI" Matthew

Owner Michelle and Eddie

Michelle and Eddie have had Matthew since he was 5 months old.We could not have placed him in a better home. They have taken their energy and devotion to bring him to his greatest potential so far. He has taken 73 CH of CH cups. He has taken 17 CH of CH Cups as of Sept 1st for the 2008 show season. numerous Ribbions and Trophies to date. He is the Top Ranked CH of CH in Conformation with the ADBA for the year 2007,2008, 2009, and 2010. We are very proud to say, Congradulations in all your past and future accomplishments, and THANK YOU for loving Matthew and continuing to show him as much as possible.

SHK's "CH" Mason Dixon

Owner "True pit Kennels"

SHK's "CH" Genaral Lee

Owner Steal Heart Kennels

SHK's "CH" Lexie

Owner Johnnie & Paula

SHK's Tator TOT

Owner Steal Heart Kennels

This is a picture of Tator Tot doing her Safe Kids Safe Dog Program. We take her into classrooms and teach the students, how to behave around strange Dogs.Tator is also CGC certified

Issel & SHK's"CH"Renagade

Owner Steal Heart Kennel's

Wentzs CH Cain

aka SHK's "CH" Candy Cain

1995- 2008

Owner Steal Heart's Kennels


1997- 2009

Owner Steal Heart Kennels

SHK's CH Sugar Cain

Owner Steal Heart Kennels

These are some of the next generation of Steal Heart Kennel's Dogs

SHK's Cyntha

SHK's Thunder

SHK's Mississippi Gader

SHK's Misty Rose

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