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Xenogears, is in my opinion, one of the BEST roleplaying games of 1998(no, let me correct my self, in my opinion, Xenogears is THE BEST roleplaying game of 1998 for the Playstation). I would recommend this game to anyone who has a Playstation and likes RPGs. The story is conveyed excellently through anime scenes and beautifully rendered environments. This game is very addictive, I sometimes find myself using almost all of my free time playing this game. The gameplay is fun and easy to learn. In fighting you can use button combinations to unleash a string of combo attacks on your opponents. You also get to use gears, giant robots that can do a boatload of damage to your enemies, as you progress through the game.

The main character is Fei Fong Wong He is a young man who somehow lost his memory and ended up in Lahan village, nearly dead.(I don't want to spoil his full story for those that haven't yet played the game).

Once again, I would like to recommend this game to anyone who wants a new RPG, this is an excellent and very fun game and it is great for anyone who likes RPGs.

This is a thorough walkthrough that goes through both the first and second CDs of Xenogears. Download it here.

This is a list of the secret areas in the game. here

This is a walkthrough for the final dungeon. Here

This is a full guide for all of the bosses in Xenogears, by Ranma. Download it here.

I received an email from someone asking for a character list a few weeks ago, I should have it up soon. If I can't compile a list then I will see if I can get one from GameFAQs or something. Got a character list: Here's the link Ranma's Character List

Here's a really good spot to buy hard to find art books, wall scrolls, soundtracks, strategy guides, and other wonderful things relating to Xenogears and many other games.

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