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"02's" and Other Great Things in Life

There are 3 great things in life.

1. My wife, Daphne

2. BMW's

3. Self-expression

(Ok, Ok, and maybe beer)

So far I have learned 2 major lessons:

1. Drive fast, but avoid fixed objects and drunk drivers

2. Don't make enemies, because when they decide to pay you back, this happens:

You end up with a carbeque :-(

And yes, these are real pictures of my cars, past and present. The two BMWs at the top I own at this time. We also own a Blazer (Daphne's) and are looking for a beater. I have owned 10 BMWs in my life, and have just purchased another 325i sight unseen similar to the red one at the top of the page and am in the process of dismantling a 1971 2002 like the green one above. Needless to say, I love cars!

I have owned everything from Fords to Volvo's and I honestly believe there is nothing better than BMW. Of course, my dream car is a Porsche 911 Turbo -- Maybe next year

One of my '76 BMW 2002's is for sale at this time (the green car pictured at the top of page). If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

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