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Yes, I know, there aren't too many Liars Inc pages out yet (other than mine, only a few others are 100% devoted to them). But more will come. They do have a .com (; it's okay. But first I'm gonna link you to the other two, that I know of, that are already out.
Mary Fish's Liars Inc. Page - Pretty cool page. I _stole_ alot of my pictures from this chick. She knows Liars Inc personally, so she's cooler than me. I might put up a few pictures of her and the band; we'll see. Naturally, a person who knows them personally will be able to create a page better than someone who doesn't. So I suggest you check this page out.
Liars Inc Rawk - This page is pretty cool. She has better pictures than me; I'm such a loser. But I didn't feel like stealing off her. Only go if you have the time. If you're really busy, check out the one above first.
Those are really the only two worth mentioning. Don't forget the one on foodchain records. That's got pretty good info. If you have a page that you think is worth mentioning here, please send me the link.