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K.T. Oslin: The Diva of Country Music

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Hi! Welcome to my page dedicated to Country Music Legend, K.T. Oslin! She has always been one of my favorite singers. I noticed she does not have many webpages on the net like the some other artists do so I decided I'd change that in honor of this incredible lady.I hope you enjoy getting to know K.T. Oslin a little better!

ATTENTION: I have recieved several personal e-mails from people thinking I am K.T. Oslin. I am NOT K.T. Oslin and I do NOT have any contact with her or her record label. The purpose of this page is to provide K.T. Fans with information about this great singer. I have done extensive research into her career and that is how I know all these facts. Let me state once again, I am NOT nor have any Contact with K.T. Oslin. Just a huge dedicated fan! :-)

I also get alot of emails asking if KT will be appearing in so-and-so place. KT no longer tours and is living Happily in Nashville and has no desire to go back on the road. If you want to check yourself go search at for any touring artist. :-)


I have the lyrics to K.T. Oslin's Very Rare and hard to find first single "Clean Your Own Tables" from 1981. To see them go to the lyrics section of my page and click on "K.T Oslin's First Two Singles."

K.T.'S POST ON OUR DISCUSSION BOARD when she visited us in August 2000:

by someone you may know"

Hello my sweet friends and neighbors, I didn't do Roots because of my heart condition. I was in the middle of working with Robert on collecting the old, original, song arrangements when I began feeling sick. There hadn't been any studio work involved until after I was feeling better because of my bypass. Don't believe everything you read, my sweet honeys. Industry fodders can be dishonest and tell tales just to sell them(unlike this wonderful bunch I've read about on this webpage) Thank you all so much for saying these wonderful kind things about me. And thank you, Jonothan for putting up a great webpage-keep up the good work. I love you all even more than you may know. Thanks for sticking with me.

Take care, and we'll all see each other soon! With deep love and respect,

your 'diva'

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