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When I bought this car it had an whimpy 229 ci V6, and TH200R. They where replaed with a 355 Small Block. Now 357 ci V8.


The engine is a 2 bolt main block +.040 from a 77 pickup

Stock cast crank

Stock rods

Keith Black Hypereutectic Pistons (flat tops) Bringing CR up to about 10.6

Heads are Double Hump 64cc, Screw in studs & guide plates. Port and polished. 2.02 intake 1.60 exhaust valves

I use a Crane Cams valvetrain, springs, cam, lifters, etc. 284 Energizer cam (228@.050 duration, .480 lift). Crane Cams 1.6 ratio roller rockers.

Elderbrock High Rise Tunnel Ram

Two Holley 600cfm, Manual Chokes

AC Delco Electric Fuel Pump

Mallory dual point distributor, with Mallory Voltmaster Coil.

These are pic's of new setup, Engine is not complete yet


Hooker Super Comps with 1 3/4" primaries with 3" collectors.(Open Exhaust)


A TH350 replaced the factory TH200R. Modified with a B&M full manual valve body, Transpak , and a B&M Holeshot 3000 torque converter. B&M Z-Gate Shifter.


Factory 7 1/2" rearend, replaced factory 2.44 for Richmond 3.73gears with mini spool. Gabrial air shocks. Custom ladder bars designed by my father.(click for detailshere)


205/90/15 Copper GTS DOT Slicks on stock 15x10 GM rim(Very Cheap tires, they where donated ), at the dragstrip

205/70/14 Multi Miller on stock 14x8 GM Star Rally rims for the street.


Stock frontend with heavier springs to handle the V8 (tuned by my father)


The car is a 1980 Monte Carlo. It was originally a goldish color but was faded and looked a "turd" brown color. It is now '93 Bad Boy Black painted by Me and my Father.


The interior is mostly stock. I got rid of the factory bench seat, and used '87 Camaro front bucket seats, Stock back seat. I have Sunpro Oil, Amp and Temp gauges installed next to my dash in an chrome panel. I have a Sunpro 3 1/2" tach with shift lite on the Dash. I run BP 101 octane pump gas, when I race (If in my budget)


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