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I finally got the time to upload some new pictures. Don't complainabout the photography I'm not an expert and the sun was against, me.Also, the car is in a stationary position because I'm currently putting a kit in the carburetor. Since I have that torn apart I might as well go ahead and install a few more parts. Be sure to check back soon. If you see something I'm doing wrong, or maybe got a tip or trick feel free to drop me some mail

Angle shot, not good because of sun. Ignore the 71 Chevelle in tthe back.

Dash is stock except for sunpro gagues

My Q-jet being disassembled. Destroyed the carb 1 day before its first race. My father is using bigger jets and smaller metering rods, and removing the choke

DOT mild race slicks donated by a fellow racer.


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