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The Story


That's my 80 Monte Carlo, my pride and joy. She'll give you a hell of a ride if you can controll her. What started out as a minor upgrade ended up as a beast. I puchased the Monte in the fall of 97 for $200. It wasn't a classic or antique, It was just my first car. It origanly came with a V6 229, that was in bad shape. With over 300,000 miles on the odometer, burnning 3 quarts of oil a week, and the power of lawn mower I decided to rebuild the 6. After raising moneny to build the 6, my father came upon a not so bad shape 305. The plans were to build an economy V8, but after being retired for 20 years since the "Hot Rod Days", he just had the urge to build a power house.
Three day's before the V8 could be installed the V6 finally died on the way home from school, with 331,992 on the odometer. A few months later the Beast rolled from the barn after extensive sugery. We were so proud, when the neigbors were calling complaining about the noise. A month later I spent half the summer sanding and primming the car. A week later my father painted the whole car "Bad Boy Black". The photo's show the present car as of 9/2/98 but I'm sure it's apperance will change ounce I get some money for some rims. You may say Hot Rods don't exist anymore but this one is.

I'm currently in the process of transfering the monte into a full fled race car. I'm in the process of upgrading my interior. I plan to swap rear end soon if the weather permits. I'm going to a lower gear.

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