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Meet Riley Smith FAQ's

Side Note: I emailed Riley's webmaster, Bob Lamb, (4.17.01)..and Riley happened to call while he was reading my email in which I asked some questions U guys wanted the answers to! I also thru in some questions of mah own to spark some originality of this site! Enjoy.

  • Question: How old is Riley? Answer: Riley just turned 19 (His birthday is April 12th, 1982)
  • Question: Is Riley dating ne one right now? Answer: Riley is always dating, but he has no girlfriend right now
  • Question: Has Riley won ne awards for his talents of Acting and/or Modeling? Answer: Riley was number one in a model search in his hometown that sent him to NY. That was what launched his career
  • Question: Is Riley's hair naturally blonde? Answer: Sort of an Ash-blonde
  • Question: Favorite Chewing Gum? Answer: The Green Kind w/ Pink and Blue in it
  • Question: What does Riley wear to bed? Answer: He said he would leave that to ur imagination;)
  • Question: What is his most prized possession? Answer: His new S.U.V
  • Question: What is his ultimate long-term goal? Answer: To live long and prosper
  • Question: What was his first job ever? Answer: Tommy Hilfiger Ad
  • Question: Who does he want to work w/ one day in a film? Answer: Al Pacino or George Clooney
  • Question: What has been his fave acting project so far and why? Answer: "Wild Grizzly" becuz it was his first movie
  • Question: If he was drafted on an island and there was no chance of survival.. no food sources.. nothing.. no way of technological contact what so ever.. and he was w/ 3 of his best friends..and one died.. would he eat them for his own survival? Why or Why not? Answer: He said he refuses to answer this question:)

-Also, thank you to Riley and to Bob Lamb for linking my site w/ his. I appreciate it-


JBWrld 2003