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This is Riley and my friend Rachel @ IMTA in 1997.

Last Updated: January 11th,2003

I have just seen Riley's new film "Not Another Teen Movie", and I must say that this movie is so funnie!!! It arrived in Theatres on 12.14.01..and it is definitely a MUST SEE MOVIE!! Riley plays Les, a character spoof of Rickie from "American Beautie".. He dates the Cheertator.. Check it out!!

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  • Riley is currently filming "Full Ride" in Omaha, NE
  • Finished filming the Warner Brothers film entitled "Arac Attack". This film was produced by the same people who brought the world such hits as "Patriot" and "Independence Day"
  • Finished "Not a Teen Movie" recently as well. Riley plays the Wes Bentley character from "American Beauty"
  • Stay tuned into NBC's fall lineup.. for Riley will be guest starring on the hit "Alecia" next season
  • For more information on any of the above information.. Please visit Riley's official website:

Want an autographed picture?

  • For an autographed picture of Riley Smith, please send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

    • Riley Smith; 507 South Parish Place; Burbank, Cali 91506
    • Or send mail to:

The above picture is of Spring Eicke, of Nebraska, and a drawing of her cat, Riley, that won an award in her hometown. Way to go Spring!

Spring Eicke and myself, Jamie Bustamante, have collaborated our thoughts, pictures, experiences, and information with each other to produce a joint website in which we have made on Riley. We hope you enjoy your visit, and don't forget to sign the guestbook: The Realm of Riley Smith

Taken on May 1st, 2001 in Nebraska. My friend Spring got it arranged to meet Riley near her hometown since he's filming a new movie near her house. So, she met up with him and Spring and Riley arranged it for this picture to be taken. Thank you Riley and Thank you Spring for thinking of me when I couldn't be there. I appreciate it! For more pictures, visit the links below and check out Spring's first-hand experience on meeting Riley Smith!

Springs Pictures: May 1st.2001 (Nebraska)

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My pictures

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  • Also, there is the autographed picture in which Riley sent me in November of 1999

My Story of Meeting Riley Smith

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My Interview

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How do you know about Riley Smith?

  • Lover's Lane (Available at Blockbuster Video Stores) as Michael
  • Wild Grizzly (Available at Blockbuster Video Stores)
  • Motocrossed (Disney Movie)
  • 7th Heaven (Played Lucy's love interest)
  • Once and Again (Guest Starring Role)
  • Freaks and Geaks (Played the jock)
  • Bring it On
  • Not Another Teen Movie (Played Les)

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