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How I met Riley

This is a little introduction to a rising celebrity that was discovered a short while ago.. his name.. Riley Smith. He surprisingly resembles the blonde of the Backstreet Boys', Nick Carter. An interestingly enough.. I met him before he was discovered back in July of 1997 at an IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) Convention in NYC. He was so incredibly sweet and he was there mostly for the modeling aspect of the convention.

I met him formally at an awards luncheon and he was so polite. When we met he kissed my hand.. and that just showed to me how sincere of a guy he really is! He had the best manners.

Also some of you may be familiar with Ashton Kutcher who is on "That 70's Show" playing the role of Kelso.. well ironically Ashton and Riley were both from the same local management back in Cedar Rapids, Iowa called "The Image Group". All of us were featured on channel E! for the tv show "MODEL TV" back in 1997 and has been repeated occassionally ever since! I would like to congradulate them both on their fine achievements in the business.

My Riley Smith Photos


Jamie Bustamante 2003