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Goonies Never Say Die!!

Chapter 5

After 8 months, Derek was talking about returning. They had kept in touch during the time that HP was split up. Talk of Derek returning got everyone excited and talking about doing an HP reunion type thing. I found out about it through Izz and Derek. He finally came back on September 2nd 2000. They then played a show a few weeks later at Ground Zero in SC. From what I hear, things went great. Then they had a show at Ground Zero again on October 7th. I attended that show. It was great to see High Pointe back in action, also that night I got to see Dan's new band the Phobics. They're awesome. I was decked out like the Crimson Ghost that night, including hood,mask and gloves, just singing along to all the HP songs. So on Sunday September 29th Nick told me that the band sat down and they decided that they wanted another guitarist. Nick asked if I wanted to play and I gave him a "Hell Yeah" and I played my first show at Ground Zero in Spartanburg SC on October 1st. It was a small crowd, but we had fun. I then played my second show October 5th. That was a house show in Greenville at their friend, Ben's house. It was an insane show for us. We had alot of fun. The band has really improved over time. Over all the obstacles that HP has overcome its been good and it keeps getting better, I'm glad that the band is back together and I'm even happier to be a part of the band now. Who knows what's in store for good ol' HP, I'm just glad to have been along for the ride. --James Only (11-7-00)

The End...or is it?