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Chapter 3

After tons of fun at shows, and going on roadtrips, I started to become friends with the band. Adam and I were always going out to support High Pointe. He filled in on bass on a few occasions where Dan couldn't make it. We started going with the band to every show. One show that was most memorable for me and kind of started my knowing the band members better was the June 12th show at Negative Steve's house. That was a great show. They played in the garage along with bands, Swarm, Adamantium, Impasse, and Until Today. When the Swarm played they turned out the lights and had nothing but candles lit. It was really cool. After that show, Nick gave me an HP demo 99. Now that I had that demo, I learned the words to all the songs. I then went with them to their first out of state show on Friday July 9th in Charleston, SC. That show was up to this pointe HP's greatest show. On that road trip, I also got to know other supporters and friends of HP, The Ghost Turd Crew, J Nintendo, Matt, and Tito. We went and supported High Pointe at alot of shows.The most memorable show was in Greenville on August 22nd at the backdoor skatepark. Those show was the best. Nick played the show using my guitar. The crowd was really huge. Alot of bands played and there were alot of people there to see High Pointe. It was an incredible show! High Pointe opened up with the Darth Vader Intro and everyone just had a smile on their face, but they were into it. They then went into a new song called "Don't Bring Us Down". HP just tore that place apart with each member of the band just giving it their all. The crowd was really into it. Adam, Aaron Hardedge (Until Today/Reinforce) and myself were singing along to just about every song they played.

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