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We're Bringin' It Back To The Oldschool..

Chapter 2

After a few months passed and a few more shows too. They also recorded a starter demo with a few songs on it, "You Helped Me Too" and "What Went Wrong". Towards the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999 a little problem surfaced within High Pointe and Adam then was out of the band and High Pointe was in search of a new bassist. Adam still continued to support the band that he formerly played bass for. I beleive one of the last shows Adam played was the January 30th show of 1999. High Pointe, then being Derek, Izz and Nick went to Studio 5 and recorded a new demo. The songs on it are "Stop Now", "What Went Wrong", "Unite", "4 Our Friends" "No Respect" "Blood on Your Hands" and "Changing Faces". Then along came a guitar player from school named Doyle. He was asked to join the band about immediately after Adam's departure. So on Saturday March 6th, High Pointe was back with a new bassist, Doyle. This lineup proved stable for a few shows, then Doyle's lack of interest started to show. I remember talking to him one day after school got out and he said he was planning on quitting High Pointe because he didn't really like hardcore music too much. In February of 1999, Doyle quit the band. High Pointe was then in search of yet another bass guitarist. Coincidentally, Derek's older Brother Dan's band, One Concern, broke up. Derek told his brother that they were in search of a bassist and Dan offered to play and so he moved from Kansas to NC. High Pointe was finally complete. I had been going to their shows for awhile and then ended up becoming friends with the band.

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