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I first would like to thank all of our families and their support. Croad, Chris, and Meggan for helping us out with letting us use their house for shows, Kevin (Studio 5), Katie (Ms. Menace), XBenX, Matt Hammers, Jnintendo, Tito, Nina R, Jessica & Nickola, David Minor, Skip, Doyle, and Adam for helping to fill in on Bass when we had none, Shelby, James Only, Negative Steve, Matt Wizard, Aaron Hard-Edge & Sara, Jared Porter, Joe Hamilton, Bryan Scorch, Sober Mike, Angela G. Daris, Sean, BigDave in Winston-Salem, XhcAdamX, Chris BMX, Ryan Nam, and much thanx to anyone who has helped us out in any way, THAT MEANS YOU! THANX!

THE BANDS: ONE CONCERN!(leave the brutality in the locker room) The Phobics, Nerve Agents, No Justice, Damage, Butcher Boy, Esteem, Impasse, Project 208, Good Clean Fun, Floorpunch, Committed, Mainstrike, Ensign, Misura, Hovel, P.N.E., Reinforce, Impact, Until Today, Stretch Arm Strong, Handplant, Kill Your Idols, Next2Nothing, Empire Falls, Vice Dolls, The Swarm, Reach The Sky, Adamantium, Inflicted Spoon, Catharsis, Spazms, Head On, In Reach, Crash Davis, Bloodjinn(Ex Social Phobia), Sideswipe, Better Dead Than Red, and to any other band I may have Forgotten. OH YEAH! XDEVOTEDX (nnnnnnuuuuuhhhhhhh!) THANKS TO YOU ALL!!