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Gold The Noble Metal

Gold is one of the noble metals on the periodic table.
Gold is a nonferrous metal. Its atomic number is 79.
Its chemical symbol is AU. The full form is aurum
a latin word used. Gold is the one of the hundred elements
which are only composed of one kind of atom.

That was the scientific definition of the element.
The one thing which everyone realizes about gold
no matter what is that it is extremely valuable.
Interesting incidents in the past proved that
one who is not an experienced goldworker cannot
stand in front of a large quantity of gold without
feeling awed by it. This rich shiny yellow element
has an affect on human nature.

In the passed years, greed and desire started out
the 1849 California gold rush. It set out millions
of hearts to find even a small piece of gold. The
metal is very valuable and everybody feels the need
to own even a small quantity of it; hundreds of years
ago and even now.