PIERRE ELLIOT TRUDEAU Pierre Elliot Trudeau would be categorized as a “great” man. Analyzing his political life, one can be informed of the important deeds he accomplished. Looking at his political achievements would only determine how much he has done for Canada. However his jovial character is also a plus point. Trudeau contributed much to Canada and his achievements are recognized. Trudeau’s achievements toward Canada were countless enough and made a difference in the country. In order to fight the October Crisis, Trudeau introduced the War Measures Act, which ended up being successful and giving our country pride by fighting back and defying the FLQ. He also was the creator of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights in 1982. Trudeau also was a man who did not believe that one should work things based on emotion; yet on reason. Even as a French Canadian, he believed that Quebec does not need to receive any more rights, since all provinces must be treated equally. He also wanted citizens to get involved politically to protect their individual freedoms. And federalism was his strong belief that both the individual rights and French Canadian identity should be preserved. Trudeau’s personality was just another story. Trudeau was a well- respected man because of his beliefs and ideas. He was a practical man, who’s actions were successful. However, his nature was what most people loved about him. He was depicted as a breath of fresh air with two main words to describe the growing excitement he created: charisma and Trudeaumania. Canadians all across the world were amazed by the only Prime Minister who was unconventional, yet sophisticated. His dress manners were uniquely outrageous and delightful. Trudeau was a forty-nine year old man who kept himself a youth by driving a Mercedes sports and spotted being accompanied by models and actresses. Trudeau was a well-loved man and in Canadians’ eyes he was a “great” man. His popularity was greatly recognized after his expiration on September 28, 2000, when thousands of people gathered at Notre-Dame Basilica to pay their respects. Fifty thousand people attended his lying-instate in the Parliamentary House of Honour in Ottawa. Trudeau would definitely be considered a great man. His accomplishments politically, as well as his nature as a person made him a “great” man in the eyes of Canadians.
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