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REFLECTION Unit #4 MEMORY PROJECT Mr. Fred Davies was an actual participant in the World War I. He was a veteran who experienced all the struggles and hardships the people living at that time had to go through. He talked about his experience in the war and how much problems him and the others had to face. It was an unforgettable experience that no one who hasnít experienced it will be able to relate to such a thing. Even though, we say we understand what happened back then and say we understand how many problems the people faced, we still do not genuinely understand the struggles they overcame. Mr. Fred Davies came down to our school to share his experience with us. We were lucky to have given the opportunity to actually hear of this from a veteran who survived the war. He was happy who give his view because there were so many those who were listening with interest. We learned of his experience and tried to imagine what it was like for all those present during the war. He talked about how he witnessed people die and how many even fought back. It was an experience you know that will stay with him forever.