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Tyran's Cove (RPG)
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Stepping over...

The midnite wind blows gently across your skin as you timidly walk down the the path to Tyran's Cove. To the right and left of you, on each side of the dirt path stand tall statues of the Gods and Goddess surrounded eligantly by well trimmed and kept rose bushes of all colors. You notice a light spray of eves dew dance on and around each enchanted rose petal traveling down each stem...collecting a mystical Lunian glow that causes small twinkles of light amongst the path...growing more so with every step you take.

Warmed by the glow of the moon on the seemingly feels comfortable and secure to you after your long journey, you grow more relaxed with every the warmth permission to step into you're bones and ease you're tired body while you gaze onward over the familiar landscape.

Where have I seen this before?
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The westward mountainside forms a large portion of the land carpeted in majestic splendor. The tall emerald trees in the valley seem ablaze in the seasons midnight colors of brilliant purples, blues, and blacks...fading into the Magnificant Castle beyond. The flawless sky among the trees to the east repeats itself exactly in the waters of Windfire lake bleeding into the landscape exactly how you imagine it.

The iron gates of the cove stand open and outward...welcoming anyone who wishes to cross over. On each heavy gateway you see a largely crypted symbol engulfing most of it..becoming the gate itself. You identify the symbol of Tyran's Cove immediately and a rush of power takes surge through your thoughts.

Taking a step slowly through, tracing your fingertips across the gates doors, feeling the overbearing power of the feel the Cove becoming part of you.

And your story begins...

Tyran's Cove Main

Deaths and Resurrections

Marriages, Births, Divorces

Supreme High Council

Voice of Tyran's Cove

Recognized Clans

zX ~ Manor Clan

Dk ~ Dark Kingdom

vM ~ Vampyre Ministry

nL ~ Night Lords

Di ~ Dark Immortals

HG ~ House of Grim

LsT ~ Lust Family

eK ~ Emerald Kingdom

dM ~ Dark Moon

nS ~ Night Stalkers

Rd ~ Reapers of Death


vT ~ Vampyre Tremere

DH ~ Demon Horde

vL ~ Vampire Leigons

jG ~ Jesuit Genesis

dC ~ Dark Carnival

VI ~ Vampire Immortals

gK ~ Gothic Knights

nK ~ Noble Kindred

Dw ~ Demons of Wrath

Unrecognized Clans

Hearts of Honor

DF ~ Dark Forces

History of Tyran

Game Rules

Rules of Combat

Dungeon Masters (DM)

Gods of Tyran

RPG Help

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The Tyran's Cove Role Playing Adventure was created by Shawn and Doreen (zXShaytanXz and zXGabrielaXz). Never will enough thanks be given to the two of them for their hard work in presenting us with a Role Playing Game as great as Tyran's Cove. We Thank you. 'The People'

Tyran's Cove