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Roscoe's Favorite Links

This is Roscoe's Favorite Links on the internet.

Roscoe's this cranky old black cat I adpoted from the animal hospital that I work for. His owner had to find him a new home after he spent two months boarding with us. He and I got along just fine where he didn't like the others. So I took him home and he's been her ever since.

The guy up top is Roscoe's playmate in the summer months. He's a little fairie dragon that lives in the garden in my back yard.

Roscoe's the kind of cat that doesn't mince his words and he'll tell you exactly how he feels about everything. From wanting to go outside to stop petting me! He also likes to stalk.

Roscoe's Favorite Links

LaMenage - Le Femme Nikita
Society for Creative Anachronism
Hercules & Xena Source Page
Library of Congress - Copyrighting information & forms
Information on Cats - Roscoe wanted to make sure you know.

Roscoe's Writing Links

The Element of Style
A Bowl of Writer's Ceral
Aylad's Creative Writing Group
The Eclectic Writer - Roscoe's an eclectic cat.
Writer's Write - The Write Resource

Roscoe think's Michael Wincott's the coolest bad boy around.

The Shrine
The Wincott Site