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These are three of the projects I did several years ago. measures 30" by 20".

Cat and the Komono.

My bestest friend Robin's living room is/was an Oriental Motif. I found the pattern to this piece in a book called "Gold And Silver". It took 18 months to complete.

Blue Fairy Dragon

This is the first one I did. Took 6 weeks of constant work and burned myself out doing it. The design is by Rita L. Anderson of Kosciusko, Mississippi 1983. I found it in a x-stitch magizine at an estate sale of a stitching shop. My Heraldic devise had been completed and submitted to the SCA years before and I was excited to find a pattern that was so close.

True Fairy Dargon

This is my prise and joy!! It took 6 months to finish, due to burn out from the other one.
Species: Lycaenidae Dracodonata
Gossamer-winged Dragonflyer
Common Name: Faerie Dragon
Length: 1" to 6" (tail to snout)
Weight: Unobtainable. Estimation - equivalent to a couple of butterflies. (They will not sit long enough to get anything accurate, even if you sit in their domain for several hours-unmoving.)
Definition: Faeries - usually of diminutive human form, who magically inter-meddles in human affairs.
Domain: A lush spring/summer garden of a wide variety of bright blooming fragrant flowers.

Faerie Dragons are creatures of the Wee Folk of the Isles of Briton (Great Britain). They came to this continent with the travels of the Europeans, especially those from Ireland, Cornwall, Wales and Scotland, where the folklore of the faeries is prevalent and goes back to the times of the Middle Ages.
Their primary function is as the birds and insects, to pollinate the gardens. Pollen coats their wings as they flit through the rainbow of colours carpeting the ground. They will reside more often in a garden that has foxglove, and/or ragwort planted. These two plants are dear to them. Any abuse that occurs of these plants by human hands may bring retribution. And never plant St. Johnís-wort or yarrow. These are especially potent to all faerie kind.