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San Diego

San Diego. Didn't want to leave! Of Course the reason for going wasn't a happy reason either. Relative's death. But we can celebrate that she lives a long and happy life. These are the photos I took. As the days go on there will be several pages by the time I finish. So check back occationally.

The Gateway Arch from the plane coming into St. Louis.

We flew on American Air. In "skiffers" of all things. S-80. Hold about 125 passangers. The trip out was very uncomfortable. Loud, we were tired from lack of sleep. Not able to get into a good position inthe seats. The second leg of the trip the seat belt was almost too small. Yes, I'm big but hell the other times I had belt left over. :/

Balboa Park

The main walkway for the Panama-California Exposition that these beautiful Spanish style buildings were created for in 1915.