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J'ai pris ces quelques photos sur le site de Caitlin. I took these few pictures on Caitlin's web site.

Ce site n'existe plus désormais.Mais les photos marchent!/This site doesn't exist anymore.

Somebody told me that you're not my kind...
Will you come out to play?
'Cause that's the way I like it!
Hey, MrDJ
Work your body!!!
Just to be close... to YOU!
Open up your heart to me
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
'Cause I see heaven...
I live my life, they way to keep you comin' back to me
Hey girl!
I don't want you to cry no more, inside.
As long as you love me
Oh yeahhh
Chairs routine
Hey baby love, I need a girl like you
You're the one for me, you're my ecstasy
We've been waiting so long, just can't hold it back no more
If you really wanna see what we can do for you...
La Mort/Death
Nick dans son cercueil/Nick in his coffin
Backstreet's back alright!
Am I original?
So everybody everywhere...
As long as there'll be ORLANDO...
La fin/The End