The Good Wife

"I have a good wife," oh you might say.

Does she help you through each and every day?

Does she work to help you carry the load?

Does she talk you through the rough and rocky road?

When you're tired, does she rub your feet?

And when you come home, have you something to eat?

Does she listen to you when you're feeling down?

Are you proud of her, for a night on the town?

Is she always there for you?

And are you always there for her too?

When you are hungry, do your needs get fed?

And when you're sleepy does she join you in bed?

Could you hold her and talk to her for days on end?

And can you truly call her "best friend"?

Does she iron your shirts and wash everything?

Does she whisper in your ear or does she softly sing?

Sweet words of love, which you long to hear,

Does your good wife whisper those in your ear?

Don't think that I'm ragging on women alone.

The men need to do all these things, too, at home.

Being alone in this old world is tough,

But if you have a good wife, her sweet love is enough.


(The husbands should take heed in these words as well,

If for every wife substitute husband, and he for she and it still applies to both you and me.)