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Hello, there!!!

Ambrosia Here.....Welcome to the Realm of The Dreamers

Once upon a very short time ago, a group of rogue scientists decided to move upon a very brave experiment. They wanted to see what would happen if a person, any person, were plunged into a perpetual state of dreams. Each persons physical body would be kept alive by artificial means during the duration of the experiments and hopefully, they would be (through some hypnotic suggestion) able to be linked in the same dream areas, each transacting with the other.

They were right, but then the experiment went wrong.

Part 1

Hello, my name is Ambrosia. I was born today. I know it sounds strange, but I do not remember existing before I woke up here today. It is a very strange and wondrous world I live in. And I am a newborn, so everything in my world is new and fresh to me. And I marvel at it.

Let me relate to you how I was born. I woke up here after what seemed to have been a very long sleep. People were near, for I could hear them talking, yet I could not quite make out the words they were saying. I stretched and yawned, sat up on the bed and looked around my room. It was a warm place, the fire just dying from the evening and the door was still closed, keeping the warmth inside. I was swaddled in sensuous furs, keeping my bare body (bare? I looked at myself with awe...I was naked beneath the furs!)comfortable in the obvious chill of this land. I do not remember ever being anywhere else, but this place, in some ways, seems foreign to me.

The voices outside my door seemed louder and a woman burst into the room. "I'm sorry Missy.... I didn't mean to burst in so suddenly," the woman said, dropping her eyes quickly. "We did not know if you would make it home today or not."

"Home?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, still peering at the wooden floor beneath her feet. She was an elder woman, clad in a heavy woolen dress, scarf, boots for shoes, and a heavy coverlet on her head. "Lady Ambrosia, you have been away a very long while."

Lady? I almost laughed. I had only been born shortly before and she was calling me "Lady". Surely she was mistaken. "But I was but born a few moments ago," I said softly.

"Perhaps into this world as you know it, M'Lady," came the soft reply. "But everyone here has long awaited your coming. It has been foretold of for centuries. Now you are here." The woman approached me, only raising her eyes for a moment as she began to remove the furs from my body and help me into warm cotton slips and finally into a huge woolen gown, which was so heavy, I could almost not bear the weight of it. Upon my feet were laced slippers, which the elder woman both laced and tied. My stockings were thick wool. It was very cold winter, I assumed, for every inch of clothing was surely designed to keep out the cold of the place that I was staying in.

"What am I dressing or being dressed for?" I asked, feeling more like the infant than a fully-grown woman, which I was supposed to be.

"Surely, you must have some inkling?"

"No, I'm afraid I don't," I replied.

"All those who have come before you were aware of their place," the elder woman muttered.

"Well," I said, the confusion growing. "I do not."

The old woman sighed, leaving the room as brusquely as she had entered.

A few moments later, a large burly man entered the room. He stood well over six feet tall, I could tell, and his hair was as dark as midnight itself. He looked at me with eyes of the purest sky blue, their expression one of concern. "M'Lady," he greeted, bowing curtly.

Although I had no knowledge of the custom, I (more of what seemed habit than any other) curtsied and replied, "Mornin', M'Lord." These actions and words seemed strange to me, yet I reacted as if they were commonplace.

"We are honored to be graced with your presence, o' one of beauty," he said. "But our maidservant tells me you have a problem. It would seem you are not aware of any reason for your coming, although it was foretold to us long ago."

"That is correct," I replied. "I, to myself at least, was but born a moment ago. Or a few moments ago, now. Prior to that, I was nothing and no where. I know nothing of why I am here or that my coming was supposed to have been something special. I feel I am no more special than the so called 'maidservant' you spoke of."

"Heresy!! Never let it be known that a Lady would every think she were no more special than a chamber wench!" he boomed.

Calmly, I stated. "I only but knew my name a few moments ago. Now, since you know mine, would that I should have yours."

"Oh, kind Lady, beg pardon," the giant replied. "Most of us here know one another well, and it is common that we do not introduce ourselves to those who return to us. Being that you for some reason unknown to us do not know who we are, I beg forgiveness, and introduce myself. I am Golin Bartromfp, Knight of the Circle of Dreams."

I contained my mirth by sheer will and asked, "Does everyone here have a title?"

"Yes," came the reply.

"Do I?" I almost burst out laughing.

"You do, kind Lady."

"Since I personally am unaware of what my title is, could you be so kind as to inform me?"

"Most certainly. You are Ambrosia Wrathsbane, Lady of Midnight. You are betrothed to King Sinkaine Trillsbane, soon to be the Queen of the Realm of the Dreamers."

I could not help but to frown. "And how is it that I am betrothed to someone I know nothing of? I was but born only a while ago, and yet, I'm told I am a woman and soon to be one of great power." I was feeling more than quite overwhelmed. What was happening here?

Golin seemed to shrink down, his stature conforming more to my own, so he could explain it, if it were possible. "Dear Lady, your coming was foretold to us many, many decades ago. It was told of the king, Sinkaine, who would rise from the ashes and take on a bride of another land. This bride, so states the story, would be one of fairest features, an elven lass, with hair as white as ivory. Her name would be that of the food of the Gods, and her calling would be that of a sorceress. Surely, being Ambrosia, you must be that lady of whom the prophets speak. Is not your hair of the white which only states you have not only spoken with, but been in the presence of the Gods themselves?"

My hair? I had not noticed. I looked at my hair, taking a handful and bringing it up to my eyes. It was indeed white, as white as any ivory (and, for some strange reason, I knew just how white ivory was). And, according to them, my name was Ambrosia. But, I began to wonder, had I had another name? Is one born fully complete? A woman? Surely not. "What of this sorcery you speak? I know nothing of sorcery. I know only my own name and that I am here. Now, I know my hair is white, but I know not the color of my eyes. You tell me I am elven, but I know not if you lie or bear truth."

Golin righted himself again, his deep-set charcoal eyes flashing in the firelight. "I assure you, Lady. Do NOT question my forbearance of truth. You may call me many things, but a liar is NOT one of them," he thundered, making me feel small and insignificant.

It was my turn to lower my eyes. "I meant no harm, M'Lord. Only that I know not of anything you have told me. I seem to have forgotten any and everything about my past life. As I have said, I was but born to this world in my own mind. Bear with me, if you can, and accept my humble apologies."

The giant glared at me for a moment, nodded, bowed curtly, and exited.

For a moment's time, I wondered if the apology had been accepted. I even worried that it had not been, then, as suddenly as I had felt the need to apologize, the worry left me. It was as if I need not worry at all about such a pittance, a simple Lord should not expect even an inkling of an apology from a future queen. Totally unlike me, I thought. But I had not known, prior to this time, what I had been like. Strange, but it did seem totally unlike me, at any rate. And at any rate, it was done. I wondered who would be my next visitor.

I sat for a time, warming my hands by the fire, staring into its light. It was day outside. A single thread of gossamer light spread its fingers into my room from drawn curtain. But I knew the curtains were more to keep out the cold than to keep out light, so I chose to keep the curtains drawn. I went only once and peeked out, seeing the sunlit frosty landscape. People were milling about the village, each stopping to look toward my window almost as if in turn. Far away, upon a hill, stood a beautiful castle, its spires and ramparts gleaming with icicles in the sunshine.

If I were a future queen, I wondered, why was I not sleeping at the castle, rather than this dwelling? I searched the room, found some semblance of something to keep warm with, and opened the door.

The morning's glow flooded the open chamber into which I stepped. Not only from the sunshine (which was a bit hazy, since the fog had not yet lifted), but from the flickering flames candelabras set about the room. I looked around, seeing people turn and glance my way without more than giving second notice. The room itself seemed to be a common room, from which people entered and exited sleeping and eating chambers, for there were people in various states of dress and undress milling about. Most were fully clad, but a few were either in linen nightshirts covered for warmth with heavy furs or woolen cloaks.

"M'Lady!" I heard a voice exclaim. I turned to see the elder woman who had come into my chamber and helped me dress earlier in the morn. She was on the other side of the common area, rushing to my side. "You must be famished, M'Lady," she said, glancing into my eyes quickly and then dropping her own.

"I am a bit hungry," I stated. "Where might I get a bite of food?"

The elder motioned for me to follow. I followed her across the room, into a common eating area, which was already bustling with a heavy throng of feasters.

When I entered the room, Golin rose from his seat, where he had been partaking of something which resembled a side of beef to me. "Behold!" he said in a loud voice. "The Lady Wrathsbane." He bowed curtly, offering a seat beside him.

Several other men in the room arose from their seats.

I walked down the side of the table, seating myself beside the giant. "What is your pleasure this morn, M'Lady," he asked, moving his hand to a dining servant.

"Fruit," I said in a very soft voice. "Only a piece of fruit or two."

"But," he conjected, "a lady must keep her strength."

"And," I stated almost too harshly, "a lady desires only fruit."

He raised a brow. "Very well," he sighed. Turning to the servant, "The lady desires fruit."

After the servant and the elder woman had left us, he leaned close to my ear. "M'Lady, do you now have any memory of whence you came any better?"

I shook my head. "I still have no recalling," I whispered. "But, if we could, would it be possible to speak with you in private after we have eaten? If I am indeed who I am supposed to be, I have a few questions."

Our heads were very close together, I suppose, at the table, for I noticed more than a few eyebrows raised in our direction. I quickly righted myself, straightening my clothing self-consciously.

Golin chuckled. "Worry not with these trifles, M'Lady," he said softly. "They are but flotsam to you."

"Still," I interjected, "it doesn't look right for a Lady to be seen fraternizing so closely with a man. Any man."

Again, the polite chuckle. "Very well," he said. "We will speak in your chambers after we have eaten our meal. Me to my beast and you, your fruit." The obvious mirth with which he spoke the word 'fruit' almost angered me publicly, then I remembered where I was and calmed myself.

A serving wench arrived with a bowl of fruit, offering to peel each piece for me, which I declined. I felt no different than any other. Golin and I ate in silence, he, glancing at me with mirth in his eyes as I nibbled on berries and other assorted fruits while he gobbled meats. I felt so strange, wondering if I was truly who I was supposed to be.

I quickly finished as much as I wanted, stood, and excused myself. I quickly returned to my room, standing by the fire to keep warm. I was impatient to converse with Golin again, yet he had not followed and I assumed he would be eating for a while, from the size of the plates he had before him.

Part 2

I do not know if the Lady is who we think she is. She is truly strange and does not fit in with what we had expected from the legends at all. When she was found, she was wandering around outside the village, near naked, babbling about some such tripe from some other world she has supposedly left and wished to return to. I only assumed she to be the mystical Ambrosia, being she seemed to fit the description of the woman destined to wed our king.

Let me elaborate a bit more, so the gentle reader should not become confused or mistake my babblings as that of a maniac. I am the Lord Golin Bartromfp. Although I myself did not come upon the half naked wood nymph, Ambrosia, one of my servants happened upon her dashing through the wood outside my keep only 2 eves ago. He was rightly disturbed by the incident, stating he had never seen a wood sprite before, but was sure she be one.

As with my nature, I scoffed at this. I went into the wood to find this so called sprite and refute his tale. Instead, I found the elven lass lying upon a moss hill, as near to naked as I had ever seen of a virgin lass, obviously cold and shivering in the winter chill. Her hair was white as the snow, which was melting around her, her skin ivory-green, her eyes like two floating black orbs within her face. She awoke from what seemed to be a sleep, gazed upon me and squatted for a moment. Then she shook her head, as if trying to shake off a bad dream, muttered something unintelligible, and laid back upon the moss bed.

I bent forward to try to take her into my arms so I could lift her to my steed, she whispered, "I didn't sign on for this foolishness. I want out."

Thinking she was delirious from the cold and probably lack of food as well, I lifted the lady, wrapped her in a warm fur, and rode back to the village inn, there instructing the innkeep to keep watch after her. I paid him dearly, warning him should anything become of her, I would see he paid more dearly than I. I then returned to my own keep, sending out one of my own servant women to care for the near frozen beauty.

She is indeed a beauty of a woman. Would that she were not elven and the king's legendary betrothed, for I would have her for my own. Alas, however, being a giant as I am, I fear she would look upon me as an eyesore or a huge oaf. Nothing a woman could truly love, that is for sure. But, again, she must be the legendary one, therefore, my fantasies are but only that: Dreams of a lonely giant.

When the elven lass awoke there was a great bustle around the inn. Be it in all honesty, I feared she would not waken at all, for it was days before her eyes fluttered open. My servant sent word for me to come, as she prepared the lass for my inspection.

Such a haughty lass, she is, too, for the lady actually accused me of untruths! When first I saw her that morn, she behaved as if she were no more than a serving wench, rather than the princess we had assumed she would be. She did not speak of the "other place" as she had rambled wildly when we had found her, but it was obvious, she did not know where she was nor know why she was here. Any others who have come to the realm (the ones foretold of) knew at the very least who they were, and most time, knew who part of the others here were as well. It seemed she had to analyze and inspect everything I told her.

I must admit, I had a hoot with her at the morning feast, also. She only asked for fruit and I regaled her mercilessly, perhaps. But she more asked for it than not. For all her pure elven beauty, she is a very bold woman in many ways, a temptress in others. When we were talking in hushed tones at the table, for instance, she said it was not becoming of a lady to be seen whispering with a gentleman, then suggested we talk in her chambers. The tease! Yet, I do understand, if she is to be the betrothed of the King, then I suppose it best for her not to be seen in truck with anyone, even one of the noblest of the Lords of the Realm.

I do not know. Perhaps I shall make her wait a bit before I go to the chambers. Yet, I know if I myself am too cruel and too badgering, she will repay with haughty replies and feigned innocence, which stings more than a thousand arrows from the archers of old.


Part 3

I lounged in my quarters for a bit, wondering exactly when Golin would return. I had so many questions that needed to be answered.

Where had I come from, I wondered? As far as I could peruse, I was but born a few hours earlier. Yet, as one who has lived another life, I feel I have been somewhere before and I cannot remember where I came from. I had to have come from somewhere. Is a person born a full woman? I would think not.

And now. I was hungry again. I think hunger more from boredom rather than actual need for food, though. There is absolutely nothing to do in the chambers except sleep or look out the door. I didn't want to sleep for fear Golin would find me napping and wouldn't peer out the door for fear he would think me looking for him. Everything seemed so boring here. I imagined my old life must have been at least as boring as this one, else; why would I leave it?

My mind was racing with conjecture. Perhaps, I thought, I had been kidnapped and brought here to this totally boring world and time by some evil person. Or put here as a punishment for something I had done. But if that were the case, why did I not remember any of it? I was so deep in thought; I did not hear the gentle tap upon my door, signaling that Golin had returned. I did not notice him gently open the door nor his massive stature entering the tiny room.

Suddenly, my mind released me from its meanderings, making me realize I was not alone. My head jerked up. I imagine my eyes were quite wide and I am very sure my mouth fell open. "I - I - Golin......I mean, Lord Bartrom-- "

His gentle laughter rolled almost too loudly in the tiny setting. "Golin is fine, M'Lady." He stood quietly considering me for a moment, then added, "Are you going to ask me in, or do I have to stand with yer door ajar so as no one will think less of you?"

I tried to smile in spite of my obvious embarrassment. "You may enter. Please. Have a seat and let us chat for a while, M'Lord."

The giant colored. "Th' title is not necessary," he retorted, stepping inside and pushing the door closed.

"Then I must insist you do the same with me. I absolutely refuse to be called 'M'Lady' in private." I smiled, in spite of myself. "I know formalities must be attended to in the public eye, but here, let us simply stick with names." Then, I added. "Since I do not actually know my true name, I shall adopt the one you people seem to know me as, Ambrosia."

Golin considered me for a moment, his expression almost indiscernible. Then he seated himself upon my divan and patted a spot near to him, indicating that I should join him. "Your questions, dear elven lass, shall be answered to the best o' my ability. Sit yerself a bit and let us see what we can get accomplished today."

Here, I hesitated, a look of which I could not discern the meaning upon the giant's face. He was quite handsome, in spite of his race. Generally, I find giants quite appalling. Although, I don't know how or why I find them appalling or even how I know I generally do. Such bewilderment. But somehow, Golin was different. His stature, although imposing, did not seem to threaten. His demeanor, it was quite pleasant, with exception to his obvious enjoyment of foolery and making jest of some of my idiosyncrasies and the fallacies in my own existence.

Seeing my hesitation, his easy smile welcomed me. "I will not bite you, dear lady."

I eased onto the divan beside him, careful not to touch his person. (Unbecoming of a lady, I thought, although I do not know why I thought it.) I, being just born (or reborn), do not understand where the thoughts of right or wrong emanate from. I do know, I feel as if I am in some kind of tunnel, being sucked downward into the deep abyss below, never to return. It was frightening then, as now. My not knowing from whence I came, how a came to be here or why, has been a constant thorn in my side. I sat there a minute, trying to compose myself. I needed some kind of answers. I know my demeanor belied my obvious upset. I feigned a smile, folded my hands upon my lap and said, "I wish to ask you, kind Sir, questions (any you may be able to answer) concerning my appearance here and my existence, if you please."

Although Golin's eyes lit up with mirth, his tone held no mockery. "Dear Lady, I wish I could answer more than what I am going to. But alas, I know nothing more than this. I was working in my field house several days ago when an overly upset manservant of mine rushed in wailing and crying he had found a wood nymph running amok in the forest. I attempted to calm the poor soul as best I could, but he kept insisting that I come and see for myself. I resigned myself to follow him into the wood to allay his fears.

"We found you, not running around in the wood, but lying on a moss hill, obviously exhausted from all your runnings. You were as near to naked as a lass ever dared to be in winter's dread chill. Your skin was near blue with the cold. But, from everything we had learned and heard in the legends of our sovereign's lady, you fit the description perfectly.

"The servant who originally found you said you were yelling and screaming in the wood. Ranting about a world from whence you proported yourself to have come. But once I rousted you and lifted you onto my steed, you only once spoke saying some tripe about not signing on for this or such. Afterwards, you only slept for days."

I slid closer to him, rapt in his words. "What legends? From whom?"

"Ahhh...." he replied, a gleam in his eye. "Legends of old. Those legends we here live by. They are as our scripture, our deity sends to us through the holy men of our tribe."

"How can this be a tribe when there are so many different races here?" I was perplexed. I, myself, knew myself to be elven. Golin was obviously a giant. My maidservant who had helped me dress this morning was a trog or dwarf (I could not discern which). There were others who were of all different races; some mixed with other races, mulling around the kingdom.

He chuckled. "It is only a term. The kingdom is full of different races. We became known as a tribe because of our intermingling of such and the fact no where in the land has there ever been a kingdom so loyal to a ruler. We stay together as a tribe would, each caring for the other as a true brother. That is one reason I am here. No where else, not even with my own kind, could I have been so accepted." He laughed aloud. "HA! A gentle giant! Unheard of in our time!"

I smiled and unconsciously placed my hand upon his thigh. I patted it, saying, "I'm sure there are others like you, Golin," in a comforting way.

Suddenly he leaned back from me, a look beyond astonishment upon his face. "M'Lady, a lady who is of good stock does not make advances such as you have made upon me."

My mouth fell open. "Wh--What?"

He calmly removed my hand from his thigh and stood abruptly. "I require time," he stated, turning from me and before I could open my mouth to object, he was out the door.

I still cannot fathom his taking my touch as an advance. Must be something of my previous life bleeding into this one. I smiled. Perhaps I would remember from whence I came after all.


Part 4

In the sleep lab, the scientists were all aflurry. One of the subjects seemed to be in more than a bit of distress. She seemed to be nightmaring, almost. She moaned and groaned, thrashing about within the restraints. Her brain wave patterns were, at times, off the scale. They had tried to sedate her more fully, thinking perhaps the sleep was not deep enough. But the more they sedated, the worse her contortions became, the more she seemed to fight.

Finally, Professor Timothy Willis, head of the experiment, made a decision. This subject should be awakened as soon as possible. No need, he concluded, to risk a lawsuit over something as silly as a sleep experiment. Further, it was a bit ridiculous to jeopardize a life (perhaps, he just wasn't totally sure) over sometime as mediocre as an experiment. He was a scientist, he reasoned, not a monster. Certainly not one such as the fabled Frankenstein. He nearly laughed at himself. Seated at his desk, he calmly dialed the numbers which would connect him with the sleep lab.

A less than familiar voice answered the phone. "Sleep Lab, Donnette Travis speaking."

"Donnette, you're new?"

"Yes, sir, I am. How can I help you?" Her voice was young and vibrant.

He tried not to be curt with the youngster. "This is Professor Willis, Donnette. I need you to connect me with either Paul Hopkins or Terrance Morris. "

"Yes, sir," she replied.

"And do try not to be so sweet on the phone next time you answer. This is a laboratory, not McDonalds."

She cleared her throat. "Yes, sir," again.

The line went dead, indicating she at least did know how to use the hold button. He sat, drumming his fingers on the desktop, waiting for a more familiar voice. He muttered under his breathe, "Damn slow assed bastard. It's like I have all day."

"Professor, what can I do for you?" came the voice on the phone. It was Terrance Morris, second in command at the sleep lab when Tim wasn't there himself.

"Terry, I need you to wake up a subject in the sleep hallucination experiment. She's the one we've been talking about for a while. Number 136."

"Ok, Chief, gotcha," came the bit more than whismical reply. But, when the other didn't at least chuckle, "Sorry, just trying to lighten up."

"It would be best you didn't lighten up until Millicent Hammond is awake and lucid again. I know she signed a waver and all, but we're still looking at a hell of a mess if she's damaged in any way, you know."

"Y-yes sir, I do," Terry replied. "I'll get the team to get right on it. Slow wake up or fast, sir?"

After considering for a moment, he replied, "I think a slow one would probably be easier on her system. From the paperwork I have in front of me, I don't think she could take much more stress than we've already subjected her to."

"We'll get on it then," he said.

"I'll be in to supervise the beginnings of the wake up process, Terry." He checked his watch. "I should be in within the hour so we can proceed."

He laid the phone down, feeling better about having made the decision to end the experiment for this subject, yet more than a little apprehensive about what the consequences might be. Not even one of the other subjects at reacted to the sleep hypnosis as this young lady had. And even Tim had begun to wonder what the introduction of such a subject might do to the experiment itself, much less, the solitary subject who might be the catalist for some type of chain reaction. He decided to take the entire thing as it came, preparing his notes, filing his papers and getting ready to leave his office so he could be present when this subject woke up.


Part 5

The lady be a torturer! I truly believe that is what she is. Even though her touch was innocent enough, I could not have stayed within the confines of that room for another minute. How could she possibly be nobility and touch a man so? For certain, she is a confusing one.

Or perhaps, she herself is just confused. After I left her chamber in the inn, I had begun to question if she were indeed the one we were fortold of. Then again, it would be my own wishful thinking which has led me to this. I left the inn, mounted my steed and returned to my manor house. To be quite honest, I scarce remember the journey, for I was so shaken by the elven lass's touch.

Indeed, the legends of old had stated she was a sorceress by profession. I had no idea such sorcery of the heart could exist. Further, I truly believe the lass is confused in her own light as well. Remembering not from whence she came and desiring that same knowledge must be something of a torture all in itself. Personally, every detail of her arrival would lead one to believe she did not arrive here of her own will, but through some higher force.









Thursday, October 26, 2000 1:31 PM


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