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Evil and Hate Did Congregate

Evil and hate came up with a plan,
to stop love from spreading through the land.

"Love has beaten us time after time,
and the few souls we've got is really a crime."

So hate made a plan, which included vice,
who called in lust to help in the fight.

"The cardianl virtues have got to go,"
so the seven deadly sins joined the show.

Treachery and deceit were wild and about,
justice was murdered and virtues drugged out.

Money was rabid and life was gold,
hunger and famine were taking their toll.

But faith and prayer didn't quiver,
for they knew that God would soon deliver.

Greed and interest were captains of crime,
with money to boot, they did just fine.

Sorrow and gloom wrote a radio tune,
while terror danced by the midnight moon.

Povert, want, and avenging care,
had to court gluttony to get their share.

Anger was, then, in his prime,
with no one left to stop his crimes.

Vanity inflated self respect,
and conceit himself was taking bets,

that rage and fry could stop the show,
by becoming the slaves of vengence's woe.

Fame and shame were just the same,
and honesty and truth were just two names.

Greed and grab were at the top,
and work and toil their knees did drop.

Hate decided to cripple Love,
by giving hurt to the Holy Dove.

He then committed the unpardonable sin,
that no prayers on earth could hope to win.

When hope had heard what hurt had done,
to love's bedside she began to run.

With love in a coma and down for the count,
hope got scared and began to doubt.

When doubt saw hope cry and angel's tear,
he laughed with glee 'cause the end was near.

Now hope was gone and to seal man's fate,
Evil himself would snuff faith out.

Now faith alone held the line,
and evil was working, double overtime.

Prayer was forbidden in a public place,
and to be seen on your knees was a pure disgrace.

The father of lies then ruled the globe,
and no grace on earth could break his hold.

But there was a flaw left in his plan,
'cause truth crushed to earth will rise again.

You see, love is immortal and cannot die,
and exists in all places on earty and sky.

And love can't be where evil roam,
so Hell was built so he could have a home.

Hope then gave a cheer of glee,
and to Hell was cast earth's misery.

The fallen angels marched two by two,
to a place not meant for me and you.

After evil and hate, the closed the gate,
banished together, a fitting fate.

For our saviour had come to end the pain,
and the souls of the faithful, heaven did gain.

~K.G. Robichaux~


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