The FAT BILL Chronicle
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Fat Bill

" I Like It All "

Welcome to my Homepage, I have attached several links for your enjoyment. Enjoy your stay, and remember. Contribute to the breed, with responsible behavior in reference to the care and showing of your dogs, when you protect and serve the AMERICAN GAMEDOG.

The American Game Dog Times

The A.G.D.T. Chat Channel

The Dixie Line Connection

Fighting for Life- The American Bull Terrier

Conditioning Program

Pedigree's On-Line

Bulldog Central

Paintings of the American Gamedog

Be responsible in your viewing, any actions on your part which are considered to inappropriate in nature are solely the responsibility of the viewer I make no attempt to validify or authenticate any information contained within these links.I will not knowing include anything in violation of federal or state laws. In fact, all articles are either historical in nature, or fictitious in nature.All view points expressed within these links are not necessarily the opinion of the Author(s)and or The AMERICAN GAMEDOG TIMES. Links that contain material which is considered ADULT viewing in nature, should only be entered by those who met their states age requirements Failure to comply is solely the responsibility of the viewer