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So you think you know it all about 'N SYNC, Well, it's time to test your zest for knowledge about Justin, JC, Joey, Chris and Lance. (Don't worry, i won't grade it)

So grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down the answers!

1). What kind of cartoon memorabilia Lance like collecting?

A. Donald Duck B. Tasmanian Devil C. Superman D. Flinstones.

2). Joey is most critical of which of his physical features?

A. Nose B. Tummy C. Ears D. Feet

3). Everyone in *N Sync loves pepperoni pizza, except Chris, who prefers which kind of pizza?

A. Mushroom B. Vegetarian C. Anchovy D. Plain Cheese

4). Although he was raised in Bowie, Maryland, JC was actually born in nearby:

A. Rockville, Maryland B. Washington, DC C. Alexandria, Virginia D. Martinsburg, West Virginia

5). Which groupmate studied psychology in college before his singing career got in gear?

A. Chris B. Lance C. Joey D. JC

6). What was the first album that Justin ever owned?

A. U2's Rattle and Hum B. Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life C. Michael Jackson's Thriller D. Madonna's Like A Prayer

7). Which songster learned some of his groovy dance moves in ballet classes?

A. justin B. Joey C. Chris D. JC

8). Justin's bedtime secret is that he:

A. Snores so loudly, he wakes up his groupmates. B. Can't get to sleep without a night-light. C. Still sleeps with his treasured teddy bear. D. Talks in his sleep.

9). Lance's real name is Lancelot.

A. True B. False

10). Justin is the kind of guy who will go into Martha Stewart mode and whip kp a batch of homemade double-chocolate brownies for a girl he likes.

A. True B. False A. True B. False

12). The tiny scar by Joey's left eyebrow came from his brief fling with an eyebrow ring.

A. True B. False

13). Because he's too busy to care for a dog or a cat, Chris got himself a pet tree.

A. True B. False


1).B 2).A 3).D 4).B 5).A 6).C 7).B 8).D 9).B 10). A 11). A 12).A 13).A