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About Me!

This is a place about me. My name is Viviana. I'm 18 years old and I'm gonna be 19 on november 10th. I live in Miami, but I'm really from Chile (south american country) I talk Spanish and English! I'm a Scorpio. Well I love to play sports specially Soccer, I wish that one day I could be a professional, I wish! :) I love music too! Music is LIFE! and of course I love 'N Sync, they are my fav group! They are awesome! My other fav group is 3T, maybe you don't know them, but they are Michael Jackson's nephews. Those are my two fav groups! I'm almost done with school, YES! I wish I could be somebody in the future! That's all I can say about me! I don't have a life! lol!

I have computer friends and non-computer friends! My computer friends are Charul,Christina,CJ*,Deanna, Kasey, well I have more but those are like my best friends! Chirstina is from FL, Charul lives all the way in Canada, CJ lives in Canada too, and Kasey in TX. I wish that one day I could meet them, that will be real cool!

that's me in my room!! hehe! (sorry if you can't see the picture really good)