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"For The Girl Who Has Everything"

You drive a pretty car

You know how fine you are and
Nobody needs to say it
They love the clothes you wear
They compliment you and I
Just love the way you play it
But the only thing you dream of
Money can't buy for you
And in my dreams
I'll make your wish come true


For the girl who has everything
I bring you love
'Cause the girl who has everything
Can't get enough
Of my love

Why do you run and hide

Say what you feel inside
Why must you always fake it
Girl you need to understand
Your heart's safe within my hands and
I promise I'll never break it
I know that you still dream of
What money can't buy for you
And in my dreams I 'll make
Your wish, come true


If you just let me try

My baby listen
I'll help you find
What you've been missing
You gotta listen to your heart
And not your mind