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Fan Stories!

Here's where all you 'N Sync fans are free to tell me your stories and your dreams!

First of all I love *n sync. Especially Justin. Anyway, my friend and I waited in line for 6 hours to get their autographs, and it was all worth it. I shook all their hands and they were very sweet. Justin was kind of mean, probably because he didn't have his cereal that morning and all these girls were screaming (including me).Chris was sweet and told me thanks for coming, lance asked how I was doing, Joey said hey what's your name, and J.C. said what's up. They were all fairly sweet. I have their autographs framed in my room. I love them so much they inspired my friends and me to start our own group. Love Rachel Timberlake(j/k)

I had a dream that the guyz were bein the entertainment at my 13th B-day party. All the guyz got 2 dance wit me, but the best dance was with Justin! He sung 2 me while we danced to "God Must Have Spent..." and he gave a me a long, slow kiss. He told me he wanted to be with me 4ever, and I said the same thing 2 him. I couldn't believe that I was with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! He let me go on tour with them for a month, and then they had "down-time". I spent the whole summer with justin and the guyz in Florida! It was a blast, and Justin showed me the best time that I will ever have in my life. -Kristen

I had a dream that I got to spend all day with Justin! It was the best dream ever! He said that he liked me a lot and he thinks that I am sweet. I told him that he is just as sweet in person as he is on TV. We spent the day at Disney World, but we didn't ride any ride's, we just sat on a bench and talked. I would give anything for that dream to come true. I was so mad when I woke up because it felt so real. I wish I could have just slept for 15 more minutes because I'm pretty sure that we would have kissed. I am Justin's biggest fan, I love him! -Krissi

I had a dream that I was living in Orlando, Florida and I was dating Justin Timberlake. We had been dating pretty serious for a while. One night, after he took me out to dinner, we were taking a walk along the beach with a full moon out. It was so romantic. Then we sat down on a bench and started talking, he told me he loved me and then he kissed me. After that I heard a noise and JC, Lance, Chris, and Joey came out of nowhere. All of them started singing "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You" to me! At the end of the song Justin asked me to marry him. I said yes (of course)! My dream went from that night to the wedding. There were so many flowers and there were a lot of people there. The church was so beautiful. Justin had 4 best men (of course they were JC, Lance, Chris, and Joey)! At the reception Justin sang a song that he wrote for me. It made me cry so he came over and kissed me. After that we had a spotlight dance while the rest of the guys from N Sync sang. Then I woke up. That was the best dream in the world and I hope that one day it will come true. I hope Justin is just as romantic in real life as he was in my dream. Erin (Nsyncb6411)

Once I had a dream that I went to Orlando,FL and I went to Disney World and I got pushed by a mob of people to this house and I got inside. So I spent the night not knowing what would happen the next morning. The next morning I was awakened by someone taping me on the shoulder and when I woke up I saw 'N Sync standing right in front of me then I fainted. Then when I came to, they said i could stay with them. So the next day we went all over the park and had the best time. I lived with them for about a year and a half. Then when I came home it was Halloween so they dressed up and we went trick-or-treating and no one knew who they were. So for the next year I went on tour with them and then one day one of the guys asked me to go out with them and it was Lance so of course I said yes. So then I was on tour with them until I had to be with my family so they stayed with me and then I woke up. But it was the best dream and I wish it would come true. Anna Holsapple

I had a dream ... This is a true story ... It was, like, really late. I had finished watching Justin on MTV, and I was really pissed because he was singing to that Erica girl. I read about page from a romance book I was reading, turned on my 'N Sync cassette, and fell asleep. In my dream, I was at SOMEONE'S house, and I think it was Justin's. We were like best friends, turned boyfriend and girlfriend. He was dressed the same way he was on MTV, and we were holding hands. I realized his hand was REALLY warm, and I knew it was no dream. But still, I feared waking up just the same. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not, but I feared the worst. Justin dropped my hand and walked out of the room, but I raced after him. I grabbed his arm and wouldn't let him leave me. "No!" I pleaded. "You can't leave me!" "But I have to go to the bathroom," he reasoned. I knew I couldn't just refuse to let him ever go to the bathroom. "But what if it's a dream?! I'm scared you'll never come back!" I cried. But then he brushed my cheek gently with his finger and gave me a reassuring kiss, as if to prove he was real. And boy, did that kiss sure FEEL real. "I won't disappear. I'll be right back." I dropped his arm, defeated, and watched him leave. For an eternity I paced nervously, scared he wouldn't come back. But he DID! I leapt up and down and grabbed his arm, and followed him everywhere all through the dream, scared that if I let him out of my sight, he would evaporate. I did wake up to the plaintive whining of my alarm clock, but the dream faded away with him in my arms ... I just wished that for once I had FORGOTTEN to set my alarm clock.

i had a dream that I moved to orlando Florida and since m 17 in my dream i was turning 18 and I had a dream i met Nsync. I was saying hi to them and Justin ran over and was like heres my pager number so that night i paged him. Justin sounded so sweet on the phone and i was telling him how i was depressed that i moved away from my friends. He was saying how he was sorry and he wants me to meet him at The mall there and to go by myself. When i got there he put me in his tour bus and we drove off. I was playing video games with the guys when justin asked me to walk into teir kitchen. He told me that he for sure new when love came at first sight and he knew i was the angel sent to him. I was so happy. I got to sing and open for them and we dated for 2 yrs. He asked me to marry him and we had to kids. The dream was so great!!

*If you wanna tell me your stories or dreams, just e-mail me! :)