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It's Christmas

Ohh, itís Christmas

Iím so glad that you came my way
From a million stars
And you walk
I swear your love is mine
Somehow I knew that you were made for me
And I canít believe
That my wish came true
Iíll never let you go baby


People are celebrating all throughout the world

And thatís what weíre gonna do tonight
ĎCause we got so much
So much love to share

Ohhh, itís Christmas

And weíll share our love just like we did last year
Ohhh, itís Christmas
And you know Iím gonna be right here

And still my heart belongs to you and only you

Merry Christmas darliní
Let us share the joy of love tonight
The good of tonight may come and go
And weíre still danciní slow
Canít you hear my song
The song I sing for you


Iím gonna be right there for you

You should know by now itís true


(Lance) And I wish you such a nice Christmas

And Merry Christmas to all
Merry Christmas to the world