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Here are some Articles about *N Sync's Life :)

'N SYNC's Necessary Knickknacks

If you had to be away from home for months at a time, what would you take with you? Ohmigosh, the possibilities are endless! Just ask 'N SYNC's Lance, Justin, Chris, Joey and JC. The first thing that pops into Joey's head when he's packing is "clean underwear," he confides. "My mom always tells me to bring clean underwear. You can never have too many." And if you take a peek through Justin's luggage, you'll find him lugging lots of shoes. He says that having choices is ultra-important when it comes to fashionable footwear. "Oh, I'm very obsessive with my shoes," Justin confesses. "I always bring four or five pairs, when I really only need, like, two."

While Joey and Justin first pack the bare necessities, Chris, Lance and JC are more concerned with making sure they've got plenty of pastime favorites for those long trips between concert venues. Lance, for example, tells us that lately he's been taking some screen-worthy reading materials on the tour bus. "I dont' like reading books that much, but I love reading movie scripts," Lance says. "I have several friends who are into acting, and they give me all their scripts to read." And while Lance delves into a romantic comedy or a totally thrilling thriller, you can find groupmate JC reading his e-mail and surfing the net. "I bring my laptop computer," JC says, confessing he spends most of his downtime on the Internet.

Like JC, Chris tells us he can't leave home without his high-tech toys. Besides his Nintendo and PlayStation video games, JC says, he packs all the gadgets he needs to create music while he's away from home. "I've got a computer with a lot of good music programs. I've got my own portable studio and my turntables," he boasts. "Along with my guitar, I'm pretty much set up."

There you have it, just picture it! Right about now, Justin's trying out different shoes, Chris and JC are banging away on their computers, Lance is off in his bunk bed reading a movie script...and Joey is changing into a fresh pair of-well, let's not even go thre!