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Here are some links to Kennels that have on-line pages.
Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages

Acme Kennels
Airborne Kennels
Alamo Kennels of Texas
Alaqua Pits
Arce's Bulldog Hill
Armitage Family Pit Bull and Gamefowl Site
Bad Weather Kennels
Balkan Boys' Best Kennels APBT from YU!!
Black-N-Mild Kennels
Blockhead Bulldog's Home Page
Blue American Pit Bull Terriers Club
Blue Horizon Kennels
Blue Sky Kennels
Bon Bon Kennel
Bon Temps Kennels
Boogie's Pitbull Page
Brickhouse Kennels
Welcome to Buckeye Bulldogs
Buenos Aires Kennels
Bull and Terrier Enterprises
Bullder Kennels
Bulldog Alley
Bulldog Barn
Bulldog Combine
Bulldog Haven
Bulldog Lane Kennels
Bulldogs Southern Style
Caroyln and Connie's American Rednose Pit Bull Terrier Page
Cedarbrook Kennels
Chainlyfe Kennels
Chako Rescue APBT Postcards
Ciuros' Bulldogs & Custom Built Treadmills
Coal Field Kennel
Coastal Connection
Colby Dogs - Spanning 100 Years
Competition Kennels
Confederate Kennels
Corbin's Kennels
Cosgroves Gamedogs American Pit Bull Terriers
Crenshaw Home
Crimson Kennels
Crusader Kennels
Cuban Kennels
Cyborg Bulldogs
Cypher Kennels
D & C Pit Bulls
Davis Creek Kennels
Dead Sled Kennels
Deadgame's APBT Page
Deathrow Kennels
DeBow's American Pit Bull Terriers
Delaware Kennels American Pit Bull Terriers
Devil's Own Kennels
Diamond C Kennel
Dominican Dangerous Kennels
Dragonfire Kennels
Dred Lok Kennels
DSC Kennels
Dyno's Pit Bull Page
Dynomite Kennels
East Bloc Kennels
East~West Coast Connection
ECV Kennels
Ed's Dogs
Ed Reid's Home Of Staffords & Other Sporting Dogs In The U.K.
Elvis Presley's Bulldawgs
Evolution Kennels American Pit Bull Terrier Page
Finkle Winkle Kennels
FTW's Pitbull Dawgz
Freak Girls Kennels
Frenchmen Boy Kennels
Frontline Kennels
Game 2 Game Kennels
Game bred APBT's in Southeast Texas
Game Point Kennels
The Gamedog Cartel
GameDog Home Page - Brazil
Gateway Kennels
GM Kennels from Russia
GM Kennels from Russia
Golden Horseshoe APBT Club
Golden Spike Combine
Goodfellas Kennels
Grand River Kennels
Great Southern Kennel Club
GT Kennel's American Pit Bull Terriers
Hard Dawg Kennels
High Output Kennels
High Performance Reds - American Pit Bull Terriers
Hi-Jinx Kennels
Humble Pie Kennels
Hurricane Kennels
Hutcheson's American Pit Bull Terriers
Welcome to Imperial Kennels!!!
Independence APBT Club
Inner City Combine
Inner City Zone Links
Irish Doc's Kennel
Ironworker's American Mills
Ivie League Kennel
Justin's Family
Kabuki Joe's Terrier Central
Kai N' Thor's House
Kainins Pitbull Page's Main Page
Kanno Kennels AKC UKC
Krazyside Kennels
Lakota Kennels
Landshark Breeders
Lenwoods American Bulldogs
LoveyKel's Pit Page
Lucydog's Home Page
M & M Kennels
M M & M Kennels
Majestic Kennels
Mariano's American Pit Bull Terriers
Massie's Kennel
McGar's Bulldogs
Welcome to MegaBite Kennels
Midnite-Sun Kennels (S.A.)
Mike Kelley's Home Page
Millman's Home Page
Mim's Kennels
Mykron Kennels
NetVet Veterinary Resources
Nigel's Home
No Fear Kennels
Norrod's Strain of Old Family Rednose
North Coast Combine
Northern California American Pit Bull Terrier Rescue
NYC Dog Watch
Openhouse Kennels
Pagina del American Pitbull Terrier
Palsson's Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Pat's Pit Bull Page & Texalina Kennels
Pat Patrick Kennels Mangus (red shirt) Colorado Kennels
Patricia's American Pit Bull Terrier Page
Powerhouse Kennels
Preservation Publishing [APBT]
Punchline Kennels - Working American Pit Bull Terriers
Quicksaw Kennels
Raindance APBT's
Read's American Pit Bull Terriers
Red Jaws Kennels
RedDog's Home Page
Rekncrew Kennels
River City Combine
Rock Solid American Pit Bull Terriers
Rollbar Kennels
Rolling Deep Combine
Ro-Ki Reds Kennel
Romanian Club for the American Pit Bull Terrier
Schaeffer Kennels
Scratch22 APBT
Shadow Kennels Homepage
Shadytown Kennels
Short Fuse Bulldogs
Shotgun Kennels
Showtime Kennels: Top Imported Bloodlines
Showtyme Kennels
Silent But Violent Kennels
Southern Kennels
Southern Pride Kennel & Gator Creek Gamefowl Farm
Southernmen Kennels
Spankem Down & Gatorboy Fred Kennels
Spirit of Bravehearts Kennel
Square Biz Kennels
Ssteff's Place
Steal Heart Kennels
Stone Eyes Graphics
Straight Edge Kennels
Sudden Impact Kennels
Sun City Pits
Swampdog Kennels
Sweet Dream Kennels
Swogger's Redcoat Kennels
Tank's Page
Tatonka Kennels
Terminator Kennels
Texas Pride Kennels
Texalina Kennels
Three Dog Knight Kennels
Thun-der Bolt Kennels
Thundermaker Bulldogs
Tibbett's Competition Kennels
Tightline Kennels
Tightline Kennels
Timber Ridge Kennels NY
Trial by Fire Kennels
Triron Kennels Game Bred Pit Bulls
Triron Kennels
Tropical Dog Supply
Tru 2 the Game Kennels
Trubulldgs Kennel
True Kennels
V + C Bulldogs
Vegas Kennels American Pit Bull Terriers
Vietnam Kennels
War College Kennels
Warrior Kennels -- Mexico
Whiz Bang's American Pit Bull Terriers
Wildheart's APBT's
Wilding's California Style Pittdogs 2000
Wildside Kennels
Wilrox Kennels American Pit Bull Terriers
Wines Rainy City Kennels
Woo's APBT
this list of on-line kennels have been posted for information purposes only. It is your responsiblity to do any investigations into a particular kennel that is of interest to you.

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