I guess the images were a little large. Sorry I should have resized them before I sent them out. . Close out the lousy pop up too. don't support them ;)


Fishhook map


The Anti-Christ



Crossroads map


This is an image with the grenade launcher/ m4a1 .



The image below shows the "no fog " glitch which is achieved by going in scope view and pressing start. the first image is with fog and the second is with the glitch activated .


The image below is of me and lucky while I was taking screen shots. I gave him a shot if you know what I mean. ;)

Village Map


Some fat pig who eats donuts all day. :)



I know that its a beta. Lets hope that all these glitches are fixed before release. They have all been reported through the forums report form.  DON'T CLICK ON THE LOUSY AD BELOW EITHER !