YAY Dicky Simmons !

This is my intimate collection of me at my most vulnerable ...yep I'm a pony. The following images you are about to view, could, in some ones eyes , be considered porn. IT IS NOT PORN IT IS ART ! DON'T EVEN ARGUE WITH ME QUEERY!



Me posing for a public relations photo. I begged to wear my shorts but my agent wouldn't allow it.

"My what short fingers you have"  "The better to finger your boyish ass with" YAY


I'm spreading my stink in this photo. My hands are in a fanning motion,

my cooter gets so hot when I'm in photo shoots



I know this was on the other page, but boy do I love Davy.




And This is to all those people who say I dont have a penis...




I like riding ponys...see



Mommy always said I was  pretty



Me right after pounding one of my boy scouts asses.


Happy Birthday !