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Dedicated to my love Ashley Nicole Butcher.

Come sun or rain shine, my feelings still ebb from within me,
It’s hard to see how one so clean and pure as yourself,
Can fall head over heels in love with a guy like me, you see?
All day long I think hard about you. Passing different scenarios through my head.
I lay awake at night, clutching at my hair, tears I have shed.
Not to have you with me is a capital crime. How have I lasted all this time?
I try so hard to calm myself until I see your name appear in lights,
Your essence I feel through my screen brings a bright new look upon my face.
No one of grimness but one of pure delight, as you are my love, my shining light.

The time difference between you and I is enough to kill the frail,
But the love we share is bold strong we can prevail!
Sitting in my hard uncomfortable chair, staring patiently towards your dim name.
I leave my seat for just one moment, a knock on the door, what doth one see on his return?
A lightly lit name with “Ashley” in bold… I sigh peacefully and sink into myself…
Playing sweet words and your voice through my head. I stare vacantly before double clicking your name,
To type my welcoming “Hey Baby” with the occasional love heart and a kiss…
You greet me too but not the same,
Your is long and drawn out, which makes me melt “Nickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” You scream, and my eyes light wide,
I feel a warm funny feeling inside,
There seems nothing to take me down that extra peg,
Not that I want to come down from this high, I’d hold on even if it was on one leg!

The essence you have hypnotises me beyond the help of any shrink,
I find it hard to eat, sleep and even drink!
You mesmerise me with your words of love…
I stare into your eyes and thank the lords above.
That they have gifted me an angel as divine as yourself,
Your aura around you makes me kneel in your presence,
Nothing can damage me in such a situation, not even my health,
As I stand besotted and taken with your essence.

By Nicholas Butcher ‘03

Love So True
Dedicated to my love Ashley Nicole Butcher.

Deep within my mind so dark, I contemplate my life,
With you I destine to be, to share my trouble and my strife!
Every moment of my life I wish to spend. Locked deep in your arms.
Together we can over throw life’s stupid little qualms.
Twisted in this entangled maze called the “Internet”
I give thanks to the heavens that our paths have met.
I curse anytime that I make you despondent or cry,
To see you in such despair I would rather die.
Especially seeing how I would have caused it,
I love you so much baby, I swear to you, no bullshit!

I count the days until we meet, my feelings for you can’t be kept discreet,
I love the way we converse so much, the words you say so sweet.
Things between us are a unique thing; I shall scale the highest peak,
Here me sing of our love and relationship, the words I tell you I shall speak.
Out aloud so the whole world will know…
That “Ashley Nicole Butcher, I love you so…
…So much! More then anyone can love…
…I love you more then God can from above! You see to me you are everything…
…My girlfriend, wife to be… But most of all my friend!”

Love with us is like living out each day…
We feel so different in each and every way.
In everything that I say or do, I think of you,
But until our paths finally collide, I guess my lonely thoughts will do.
Each and every single night, I lay there bright and open eyed,
I roll to my left then to my right, I let out one almighty sigh.
Then alas what do I see, a small tear drop stroll down my cheek,
But when I lay and think why so. I know it is our love at its peak.
I try and try so hard you know, to sleep at night with ease you see?
But to do so this will not occur, until you are bedding next to me!

By Nicholas Stephen Butcher ‘03