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** So, you want to promote your program! **

There is a lot to be said about 'Free' advertising.  If nothing else you have to do a Lot of it compared to paying for it and doing it yourself.  There are 'millions' of Internet Advertising and Pomotional pages, reports, services and products.  We have checked out many.  For the money, we think these are some of the best.  Of course we will offer more as time goes on.

The following Promotional Packages are 'chop full' of Optin lists, FFA pages, Ezines ad sources, Auto-blasters, and Any information you need to get all the hits to your site that you can get!  The individual services that follow are some of the best in their fields. In general, you simply pay me (the affiliate, page owner) my 'half,' and then on a following page you pay the originator, 'Listbizz,' their half.

Study the promotional packages below. Buy what you will, but...Use the knowledge and tools.  It's your business, whatever you are promoting. So, buy a package or two.   Learn to use the Tools herein. Work your business, and - It will work for You.

You can resell each of them and Earn 50% to 100% of the resell profits. This is done by you reselling these packages and having people pay you your 'half' and then Listbizz. By the way, Listbizz will give you all of the support that you need.

So, get going!

You will be paying "allnall" at PayPal or "russell" at StormPay.

Need an account?...Then go here:

PayPal or StormPay

(click on the name of the product as the link)

1  -  " Ads To Millions "  -   $20   ( Yours to Resell for 50% Profit! )

FOR JUST $20... ONE TIME...AND IT'S LIFETIME TOO, Advertise to literally 40,000,000 EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF THE DAY!  ANY AD for ANY BUSINESS!  Imagine the impact of 40 MILLION people seeing your Opportunity every HOUR!.......Just look at all the resources you receive for your $20!  

                                     1)  5.1 Million FFA pages every day!
                                     2)  6.2 Million Classified Site 'views' every month!
180,000 Traffic Generator pages every month!
UNLIMITED Desk-Tops, daily,  using the I.P. Blaster!
3.35 Million Directories daily!
21,400 Message Boards daily!
                                     7)  180,000 E-zines every week!

And IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH FOR 20 BUCKS.....You also get a Self Replicated site!  You make an INSTANT $10 each time someone joins from your site!  ALL THIS AND MORE FOR A ONE TIME, LIFETIME $20!!
GO TO:        " Ads To Millions "       GET YOUR FAVORITE PROGRAM SEEN TODAY!

2  -  " SuperPackage "  -   $10  -  (Yours to Keep!)

I will not waste your time, or mine, by over-describing this awesome package.

                                     +  60 Software programs with FULL Resell rights
                                     +  FREE webspace for YOUR Resellers site
                                     +  Your Resellers site created, individually, for you!

With the package comes an assortment [1027 in all] of downloads.
                                     +   e-books   +   blasters   +   HTML encoders
                                     +   Popup creators   +   Popup killers
                                     +   Total web creation software.

Includes, also, a Safe-List Script which becomes yours and you may use as many times as you may like.

GO TO:        " SuperPackage " -   $10 -  Yours to Keep when You Resell It!

3  -  " HomeBusiness Center"  $24.95       ( Yours to Resell for 50% Profit! )

+TIRED Of All The Hype?
+TIRED of Promoting OTHER People's Businesses just to find out THEY are the ONLY people making money and benefiting from YOUR hard work?
+Are You Tired Of This Vicious Circle?
+Of Course You Are!+

And WE Have The Answer For YOU!
+Go Into Business FOR YOURSELF!+
Home Business Center Will Provide You With 5 Ready-Made Businesses WITH Sales Pages And Full Resell Rights Attached!

You can sell your own:
+ 100 Web-Page templates, + Java Script Pro, + Search Engine Blaster, + Auto-Responder, and + Ad-Tracker.

GO TO:        HomeBusiness Center  -   $24.95       ( Yours to Resell for 50% Profit! )

4  -  " Ultimate Directory "  -   $15       ( Yours to Resell for 67% Profit! )

This is THE largest Directory
Over 4,000 Safe-lists!!
Over 3,000 are FREE TO JOIN

of its kind and removes any need you may have to ever search for lists again!
Constantly updated! "Dead" Lists removed daily!

ALL Lists are in Alphabetical order for ease of use!
All links open to a NEW Window so you can open, and join, several at one time!

These Safe-lists have been specially picked! They are big! They are responsive!

They are well run AND reliable! We use them all !

GO TO:        " Ultimate Directory "       $15 - Yours to Resell for 67% Profit!

5  -  " Red Dragon Promotions "  -   $24       ( Yours to Resell for 50% Profit! )

+NEVER waste time again searching for those elusive resources you need to create a successful business and residual income.
+Red Dragon provides all the resources needed for BOTH the novice and experienced Internet Promoter!
+Within this program are links to EVERY POSSIBLE resource needed for the success of YOUR online business opportunity.
+Here are just SOME of the resources which will be made available to YOU!


-- FREE PRO safe-list links delivered weekly to your mailbox.
-- FREE PRO membership into 6 big safe-lists.
-- Ultimate List Directory, which has over 4300 free to join safe-lists.!
-- 15 more safe-list directories.
-- 1000ís of Yahoo and other groups.
-- 100ís of e-zines.  

   GO TO:        " Red Dragon "       $24 - Yours to use and resell for 50% Profit!

If You Have CABLE or DSL ISP, You Can Have $19.95 per month Unlimited Long Distance and Local Phone Calling to U.S. and Canada with All of the Phone Features. PLUS - We Offer The Best Prices On: - I.S.P. Service, Cell-Phone Service and Regular Phone Service both Local and Long Distance. Go To:


Broadband Phone Service enables you to receive and make calls to Anywhere in the USA & Canada for just $19.95 per month! By attaching our simple adapter to your broadband connection (DSL, Cable, T1, etc.) you can replace your traditional phone line with the future of communications!  Includes All phone features.

Plus, take it 'offshore' Worldwide and call the U.S. and Canada for Local rates!

  • Crystal clear quality

  • Unlimited packages to Western Europe & Asia available!

  • TELEBAY   -   PACKET-8

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    Ignore The Below Ad, If Any.
    You Only Care About Getting The Information. So, We Chose To Use A Free Web Site To Get It Out Here.
    Look For The Real Site..."NetWorkingBuddies"...Coming Soon!