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Buildings at Gordon Park - Matopos - Zimbabwe



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GP HQ - Stables The Stables Rudolph at GP The Leask HQ - Kitchen & Office Kitchen & Crew Hut
HQ Car-park HQ Trolley Gordon Park Weather Station Braai after the Monthly Church Service Stables braai Stables braai
The Knapman Hut Crew Hut Crew Hut 1984 Crew Hut Crew Hut Loft Mrs Scott - Sunrise - Knapman hut
Crew Hut Dec 1995 Estate store 1938 New Loo's St Georges Chapel    
Site of the Conolly Lodge 1979 The Gordon Park Crew (Workers!) Connoly Lodge 1982 Conolly Lodge The Conolly Lodge The Conolly Lodge
Conolly Lodge Braai - Shumbashaba And the Braai actually works! Sing along - Conolly Lodge Santa arriving at Gordon Park    
Rough Store BP Footprint Emma - 1932 Ford 2-ton vintage truck HQ water tanks HQ water tanks  
Justine Ralphs Cub den stone laying ceremony Justine Ralphs stone laying ceremony Mr Ralphs laying the foundation stone "Justine Ralphs Cub den" opening "Justine Ralphs Cub den" opening  
Norman Scott and Emma Emma - the Hollywood film star The Pump starting ceremony... Pump house river crossing    
Gordon Park Scout Museum The Gordon Park Matabeleland Scout Museum Gordon Park Museum The Gordon Park Matabeleland Scout Museum The Gordon Park Matabeleland Scout Museum Zimbabwe Scout Museum
Zimbabwe Scout museum GP Museum Mrs Scott mowing the grass World War 1 Rememberance ceremony Well No.1 -1938  

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