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One Hundred Years On


This booklet is a souvenir of the camp and the series of field trips that the Boy Scout Association in Matabeleland has organised to commemorate the centenary of Baden-Powell’s endeavours in the Matopos Hills, and to perhaps reflect on the significance that this period in his life had on the founding of the Boy Scout movement. It is not, however, intended to be a comprehensive history, and accordingly any perceived omissions or deficiencies in this record are regretted.

The author should like to thank all those people who have assisted in the preparation and publication of this booklet, in particular Mrs Paddy Vickery and Mr Norman Scott (who is responsible for the whole concept), and should also like to record the appreciation of the organisers of the camp to the Ministry of Home Affairs for assistance rendered.

19 July 1996

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Acknowledgements:-Dave Anderson
Colin Anderson