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One Hundred Years On


Sep 12 He arrives at the forward camp, near the Vungu river, to find that the principal rebel chief in the area, Winya Ncube (Father-in-law of Mkwati Ncube) has been captured. Winya refuses to order his people to surrender - Baden-Powell describes him as “a plucky and stubborn old villain”.

Sep 13 Although the country is still under civil law and he has received orders to surrender all prisoners to the civil authorities, Baden-Powell orders a Court Martial held, the outcome of which is the execution of Winya Ncube.

This action by Baden-Powell (however militarily commendable as it may have been) becomes a matter of considerable controversy, with the (British) High Commissioner calling for his arrest, at one stage. A Court of Enquiry however later exonerates Baden-Powell.

Sep Baden-Powell continues northwards, and then towards the Belingwe district, on the tracks of Mkwati Ncube, but fails to catch up with him.

Food was scarce throughout the campaign
fresh horse beef
Fresh Horse Beef

We eventually had to take to horseflesh. The farrier and the squadron butcher did the necessary preparation, and it was very cheering presently to hear their cry, "Now, boys, roll up for your rations.’ Food was scarce throughout the campaign 16

Oct/Nov After attacking Wedza’s stronghold, Baden-Powell proceeds firstly to Gwelo (where he attends a Court of Enquiry convened regarding the Winya Ncube affair), and then onto Salisbury by way of Enkeldoorn.

Dec 4 Baden-Powell leaves Salisbury en route for Beira. He spends the first night near Ballyhooley, which is in very close proximity to the present day Ruwa Scout Park.

Dec 19 Baden-Powell embarks a ship at Beira for Southampton1.


Feb 1906 He re-visits Bulawayo.

Apr 1936 Baden-Powell returns to Rhodesia, and visits the newly openeed Gordon Park, set amidst the Matopos Hills he once scouted in.

1 Rhodes is also aboard (he is returning to London to answer questions before a House of Commons select committee regarding the "Jameson Raid" of the previous year).

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