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In Loving Memory Of
Leonard Hicks
April 16 ,1951- August 19 , 2003


Treasured Memories

All my treasured memories,

are not of diamonds or of gold. They are the events in life,
which my memories take hold. Walks on a sunset beach
and shared wishes upon a star.
Knowing that my loved
ones are never very far. The birth of
my children three,
And the love that
they have for me. The Twinkle in
my husbands eye
Which makes my spirits
soar and fly The thoughts of loved ones,
whom have past,
For of them I have
memories vast. Time that is
shared with a friend
A friend that will
be there to the end. A poem that is written
from the heart
Impressions in
the form of art. To lay and to
cuddle close
These are the Treasures
I treasure most.
By, Lynda Hicks (Mom)

"Those who are

never die"