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Welcome Message from the JNA's Office.Thank you for visiting the official website of the Jigjiga News Agency, Somali national Regional States. ..Latest news and views on Somali Regional state from an objective perspective 


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“A call to Love for National Development”, 
edited by Dhinbiil Hirsi.
A collection of thoughts, opinions, criticisms, pieces of advice, prayers, experiences and information, [mainly about PEACE and LOVE, UNITY and HOPE, HEALING and DEVELOPMENT], all designed to be an incentive to everyone to work for the improvement of life in the homeland”. There is something in it for all ages and for all interests.

 The cost of this unique book:  USD50 (500 Bir) per copy.

Somali Zone: Improved Regional Development Record Tainted by Tribal Conflict
Will the Federal Ethiopia fail Somali Zone?

Wednesday, Febuary 5, Addis(JNA)—
The Somali zone President, Abdurashid Dullane Raffle urged Somali elders, buisiness groups and tribal leaders to use their influence to resolve the crisis in Somali National Regional State (SNRS). .
His call for peace was echoed by the Prime Minster Melez Zenawi who said that the ethnic and drought crisis of the Somali national regional state was "of grave concern". He added that the various conflicts in Ethiopia were "extremely distressing".Meanwhile, Ethiopian Minister of Mining, Ambassador mohamoud Dirir Gheddi declared that only Somali Zones unity would enable the region to escape its dire poverty and tribal conflicts.He told regional governors that the Somali zone faced a continuous "life and death" struggle to overcome the enormous challenges."Nothing short of the strongest unity among the Somali zone warades and its people will do for us to overcome the challenges we face,".
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Trevor Rowe,"The whole point here is to avert a humanitarian catastrophe"
WFP Staff deported
JNA  Somali Zone Funded Projects In 2002 Finalized
ETHIOPIA: Shortage of supplementary food The ICRC began a third round of food distributions
“Voice of children” on air Febuary 20
AAMO Gets New Regional Director, and Presents Vehicle to The Zone

Shortage of supplementary food

ADDIS ABABA, 22 Jan 2003 (IRIN) - Ethiopia is facing major shortages of high calorie blended food which often provides a lifeline for children weakened through hunger by recurrent droughts.


Who is most responsible for  the end of the Drought and Ethnic war in Somali Zone Ethiopia 

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Mining and People in Somali Zone
Mining and People in Somali Zone
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