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Recent Updates 04/19/2007

Many new additions to the page this month. We have some new owner's pics on the Kaiser, AMC-Jeep and VAM pages, a new page about Jeeps in Lebanon that features some new pictures sent to us of a J20 in use as an Ambulance there. A new picture has been added to the VAM page, as well as some more pictures of the very strange VAM "chassis largo" which seems to be a combination of the CJ and J-series truck. There is also a new KM450 picture on the Kia page, as well as some pictures of a brochure that featured both the AM7 and a vehicle called the "personnel carrier" that appears to be AM720-based on the AM General page. On the IKA page, we have some new pictures of a Jeep Gladiator "Doble Cabina" double cab. We also have some new pictures on the Australia page of an FC in Australia, a montage of Austrialian Jeeps from Jeep Junkie Magazine, and some new Australian J-truck pictures. Finally, we have some very interesting pictures from a Mahindra FC brochure on the Mahindra page, and some more pictures of the 6 wheel J-truck fire engines on the England page. Hope you enjoy this month's updates!

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Since we have not updated In a little while, we decided to make all of the latest owner's vehicles that we have been sent the Jeep Pickups of the Month. On the left is Don's 1966 J3000 DRW, in the middle is Richard's 1966 J200, and on the right is John's 1972 J2000 stepside. They are all very nice vehicles and if you would like some information on them, go to the Kaiser-Jeep page for Don and Richard's vehicles, and the AMC-Jeep page for information on John's vehicle. Enjoy!


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