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Thomas Graham (born c.1776) Ireland, married Mary Lytle (Little) (born c. 1779) Ireland, both died in Ontario Canada.

Children of Thomas and Mary: (#1 & 5 not confirmed)


      1.   Jane Graham, b.1805 Ireland died 1891 Huron Co., Ont.

Married John Trimble b. 1794 Enniskillen.


Mary Trimble

Ann Trimble


2.   John Graham, b. 1809 Ireland died Sep.23,1884 Manvers Twp. Ont.

Married on Jul.4, 1840 in Ontario to Mary Wilson b.1814 Ireland


Rev. William W. Graham 1841-1876

Mary Jane Graham  c.1842- mar. John Taylor

Ann Graham 1843-1912 mar. Samuel Stinson

Elizabeth Graham 1849-1871 Manvers Twp., Ontario

Margaret Graham 1854-1872  Manvers Twp.,Ontario

Selina Graham 1856- Manvers Twp., Ontario

Charles Graham 1856-1867


  1. Thomas Graham, b. 1813 Ireland died Aug.6,1886 Ontario

Married probably in Ireland, Ann Huston born 1813 Ireland died 1891


Jane Graham 1832-1891 m. John Storey

Mary Ann Graham 1835-1918 mar. John Bleakley (Blakley)

Sarah E. Graham 1837-1899

William Stephenson Graham 1841-1924, mar. Mary Marshall

Harriet Graham 1842

James Boswell Graham c.1845-1914

Thomas Roland Graham c.1847-1917

John Huston Graham c.1850-1915 mar. Adelaide Keza Graham


4        William Graham, b. Mar.10,1820 Ireland, died Jan.4,1871 Bethany Ont. Married Hannah Grandy b. 1827 Ontario, died Aug.9,1901 Bethany Ont.


Anne Graham 1846-1929 mar. John Purser

Thomas Graham 1847-1892 mar. Annie Lurain Swain b.1851, d.1929

John Graham 1850-1898

Mary Jane Graham 1855-1922 mar. 1st William Noble & 2nd James W.H.Swain

Adelaide Kezia Graham 1857-1923 m. 1st   John H. Graham  & 2nd John H. Graham

William Henry Graham 1861-


5.  Elizabeth Graham b. c.1821 married Sam Swain in 1868